Economy Of Gabon


Gabon is an upper middle-income economy comes under the Sub Saharan African region as to the classification made by the World Bank on the basis of income and region for year 2006.

The country has a total surface area of 267.7 thousand square kilometers as in 2004, with a total forest area of 218.3 thousand square kilometers in 2000.


The total population of the country as of the year 2004 has reached at 1.4 millions with an annual percentage growth rate of 1.6. The following table shows the annual percentage growth rate of population over years:

Population Growth(Annual %)

The life expectancy years of the country as in 2004 was 54.1. Infant mortality rate per 1,000 life births was 91.0 in 2004.

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The Gross National Income in the atlas method was (current US $) 5.6 billions as in the year 2004 with a per capita GNI of 4,080.0 in current US $.

The following diagram shows annual percentage growth of GDP in the country over years:

GDP Growth(Annual %)