Hospitality industry


Hospitality industry is a major employer. The industry includes service sector work like tourism and food service. It suffers from more economic fluctuations compared to its peer industries.

The hospitality industry is major service sector in the world economy. The industry encompass an extensive variety of service industries that include food service, tourism and hotels. Hospitality industry suffers from fluctuations within an economy every year.


Hospitality industry can be empirically divided into two parts: entertainment areas like clubs and bars, and accommodation. Accommodation takes the form of public houses, resorts, inn, campgrounds, hotels, hostels, serviced apartments, and motels. The clubs and bars category include restaurants, fast foods, and nightclubs.

The hospitality industry also includes tourism support commercial activities like airline cabin staff and travel agents. Travel technology like applied information technology (IT) and its workers in hospitality, travel and tourism are included in the hospitality industry. Corporate entertainment is also a very thriving activity amongst corporation.

A hotel is an establishment that renders lodging in lieu of payment. This lodging is usually given in exchange for a specified predetermined amount of money. Modern hotel rooms come equipped with climate control and attached bathrooms. Higher end hotels offer guests internet connectivity within rooms and also throughout the premises. A combination of meals and accommodation comes as a package in most hospitality establishments. Hotels are usually managed by professionally qualified managers. Junior workers usually maintain the hotel. Functions like cooking is usually done by professionally trained chefs.

Nightclubs are entertainment venues where dancing is accompanied by light snacks and drinking. Apart from service personnel like waiters and cooks, nightclubs employ disc jockeys (DJs) and stand up comedians as part its varied attractions.

Fast-food restaurants now form a major part of the hospitality industry. These restaurants employ an optimal number of personnel for providing customer service. Food may also be sold from kiosks.

Corporate entertainment refers to private events held by companies for clients, stakeholders or staff. It can be in the form of conventions or conferences where a large audience is involved. Or it can be small and more private affairs like company annual parties, away days and concerts etc.

Low entry level

Hospitality industry are characterized by a large number of employees. Both white collar employees and blue collar workers may find gainful employment. Entry level jobs usually require no formal education. Professionals in the hospitality sector are usually qualified with trade certificates and college degrees. Many hospitality schools offer specialized courses of study in one particular aspect of the industry.

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