Vanguard Mutual Fund

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Vanguard Mutual Fund is no doubt a leading mutual fund organization in the mutual fund industry. Vanguard Mutual Fund is part of Vanguard Group which is one of the largest investment management companies of the world and was established long back in 1975. Vanguard Mutual Fund has spread its network not only in the U.S, but also in the Australia, Japan, Belgium and Singapore.

Vanguard Mutual Fund provides more than 143 domestic funds and 40 international funds. They have a strong customer base of approximately 9 million individual and institutional investors. This wide network, excellent customer base and offering of varied types of numerous fund choices, has helped Vanguard Mutual Fund to raise its assets to $1.1 trillion only in U.S mutual funds according to the industry research up to 2006.

Vanguard Mutual Fund has got much recognition for its excellent performance over the years. It got a place in the Forbes “Best Buy” ranking and the Mutual Fund Magazine declared Vanguard Mutual Fund as the no. 1 as the favorite fund family and the best service provider.

Vanguard Mutual Fund offers a wide range of funds for their customers to fulfill their varied objectives, different requirement and preferences. The list of funds,provided by Vanguard Mutual Fund is really unending. So, the main types or categories of the funds presented by Vanguard Mutual Fund are listed below:

  • Stock Funds
  • Insurance Funds
  • Fixed Income Funds
  • Balanced Funds
  • Convertibles Fund
  • Conservative Allocation Funds
  • Moderate Allocation funds
  • High Yield Bond Fund
  • Large Blend Funds
  • Large Term Bond Funds
  • Intermediate-Term Bond Funds
  • Short Term Bond Funds
  • Large Value Funds
  • Large Growth Funds
  • Mid Cap Funds
  • Small Cap Funds
  • Sector Funds
  • Global Equity Fund
  • Foreign Small/Mid Growth Funds
  • European Stock Funds
  • Emerging Market Fund
  • Muni Funds

Benefits of Vanguard Mutual Fund:

  • Vanguard Mutual Fund helps the customers in generating great wealth by long term investments.
  • By promoting long term investments, Vanguard Mutual Fund in a way guards the customers to reduce the costs incurred with short term investment.
  • Vanguard Mutual Fund is unique in its commitment and loyalty to their investors.
  • Vanguard Mutual Fund offers quality service at low cost. In fact,Vanguard Mutual Fund is famous for its low operating costs.
  • Stable market performance and steady market gain is trademark of Vanguard Mutual Fund.
  • Investors get suggestions and advice from Vanguard Mutual Fund to decide which particular fund will suit their objective and requirement the best.
  • Vanguard Mutual Fund practices effective control to safeguard confidential information of the clients.

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