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Barack Obama, the Democratic Party nominee for the US presidential elections 2008 has made his stance clear on the economic issues that are of paramount importance to USA’s welfare and development.

Sub-Prime Mortgage Market Crisis
The recent crisis in the sub-prime mortgage market has triggered a slowing down of economic growth and number of home foreclosures has gone up. The vote bank of USA is anxious prior to presidential elections scheduled for November. Obama’s position in response to this has been apparent through his economic plans for USA.

Obama’s Economic Proposals
Obama has proposed a plan worth $30 billion in a bid to prevent home foreclosures. Of the $30 billion, $10 billion plan has been designed to assist people in retaining their homes. Another $10 billion has been outlined to help local governments and various states counter housing crises.

Obama’s Bankruptcy Proposals
Obama has proposed that a particular provision in the bankruptcy policy be eliminated in order to enable modification of home mortgage clauses provided to middle class families. He has asked for an increased control of government over USA’s financial system. His proposed “core principles for reform†include a six step plan according to which Federal Reserve would be entitled to supervise the working of any financial institution that it lends credit to. It could also introduce any reform for the effective administration of agencies that regulate finances. His plans also include a credit of 10% in mortgage tax for the American middle class.

Obama’s Technology and Job Proposals
With respect to technology and creation of job opportunities Obama aims to protect the accessibility of applications and content of certain websites to all and sundry. He aims to spread use of next generation broadband. His programs regarding renewable energy sector, namely, Renewable Portfolio Standard that demands electricity in the country to be generated from renewable sources within 2025 is expected to create numerous employment opportunities.

Credit Card Proposals of Obama
Yet another important economic issue for Obama in his presidential campaign is to take care of overbearing credit card practices by establishing a credit card Bill of Rights, introducing a credit card rating system and reforming laws of bankruptcy.

Trade and Commerce Proposals of Obama
In the field of trade and commerce Obama has proposed an amendment of the North American Free Trade Agreement, upgradation of the Trade Adjustment Assistance system and implementation of a trade policy that ensures the opening up of international markets.

Labor Proposals of Obama
Obama’s economic plans also look into the labor laws. He has been an advocate of the Employee Free Choice Act. He also plans to implement a rise in minimum wages and supports workers going on strike in situations that threaten their working rights.

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