US Commodity Boards and Export-Import Council

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The commodity boards and export-import councils of the United States of America are extremely important in the context of overall economic scenario of the country.

The export-import councils look at various affairs related to trade in the country. They try to formulate various policies and guidelines that are to be adhered to while performing export or import related activities.

Major names that are connected to the export-import scenario of the United States of America are as follows:

  • United States Commercial Service
  • International Trade Administration
  • Office of the United States Trade Representative
  • International Trade Commission

International Trade Administration is meant to look after promotion of goods and services of the United States that may not be categorized as being agricultural. There are four organizations that are part of the International Trade Administration – US Commercial Service, Import Administration, Manufacturing and Services and Market Access and Compliance.

The United States International Trade Commission is one of the major organizations that look after certain aspects of the export import activities of the United States. It deals in the provision of trade skills and knowledge to the executive and legislative bodies in the country. It also looks after the effect that the US imports have on various industries. It is responsible for acting against unethical and unlawful import practices like copyright infringement, dumping, trademark and patent.

Office of the United States Trade Representative is responsible for developing trade policy. It is entrusted with responsibility of suggesting particular policies developed by it to the US President. The United States Commercial Service is the sub-unit of International Trade Administration that is supposed to help small and medium business enterprises grow by assisting them with their international sales activities.

Various commodity boards are biggest sources of information on the various industries that are active in the USA. The Boards have the latest news on the particular industry as well as the information on the research that is being done in order to make the particular product more viable from the points of view of both the consumers and the producers.

Some of the major commodity boards in the United States are as follows:

  • Almond Board of California
  • Michigan Blueberry Growers Association
  • American Egg Board
  • The Mushroom Council
  • American Lamb Board
  • National Cattlemen’s Beef Association
  • Apricot Producers of California
  • National Cherry Foundation
  • Australis Fish
  • National Honey Board
  • Bureau of Seafood and Aquaculture
  • National Onion Association
  • California Avocado Commission
  • National Pork Board
  • California Cling Peach Board
  • National Turkey Federation
  • California Date Commission
  • National Watermelon Promotional Board
  • California Dried Plum Board
  • NC Sweet Potato Commission
  • California Fig Advisory Board
  • New York Apple Association
  • California Kiwifruit Commission
  • New York Wine & Grape Foundation
  • California Pear Advisory Board
  • North American Blueberry Council
  • California Raisin Marketing Board
  • Northwest Cherry Growers
  • California Strawberry Commission
  • Oregon Raspberry and Blackberry Commission
  • California Table Grape Commission
  • Pacific Northwest Canned Pear Service
  • California Tree Fruit Agreement
  • Peanut Advisory Board
  • California Walnuts
  • Pear Bureau Northwest
  • Cherry Marketing Institute
  • Pomegranate Council
  • Chilean Fresh Fruit Association
  • Popcorn Board
  • Concord Grape Association
  • Produce for Better Health Foundation
  • Cranberry Institute
  • Rare Fruit Council International
  • Cranberry Marketing Committee
  • U.S. Apple Association
  • Dr. Kracker
  • U.S. Potato Board
  • Florida Dept. of Citrus
  • USA Rice Federation
  • Georgia Peach Commission
  • United Fresh Fruit & Vegetable
  • Hass Avocado Board
  • Washington Red Raspberry Commission
  • Idaho Potato Commission
  • Washington State Apple Commission
  • International Banana Association
  • Washington State Fruit Commission
  • Leafy Greens Council
  • Washington State Potato Commission
  • Louisiana Sweet Potato Commission
  • Wheat Foods Council
  • Maine Lobster Promotion Council
  • Wild Blueberry Assn. of North America
  • Mangos
  • Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board
  • Michigan Apple Committee

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