US Chamber of Commerce

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The U.S Chamber of Commerce acts as a representative of a large base of 3 million businesses. These are not only corporate giants but include small and medium business organizations as well.

The US Chamber of Commerce comprises a large number of local chambers, business associations and almost 100 American Chambers of Commerce from as many as 91 countries.

Foundation of the US Chamber of Commerce was the realization of President William Howard Taft’s vision. In 1912, as many as 700 delegates came together as representatives of various trade organizations to establish a formal body of business. The construction of the headquarters of the US Chamber of Commerce was begun in 1925.

The US Chamber of Commerce strives to protect the right of its member corporate offices and associations. It stands for the free enterprise in the face of the White House, the Congress, the court of public opinion, regulatory agencies and other governments of the world.

Members of the US Chamber of Commerce include large scale businesses, the ones featuring in the list of Fortune 500 companies to small companies that functioned from domestic confines. It has been observed that a large chunk of companies that form a part of the US Chamber of Commerce have less than one hundred employees.

This biggest business federation in the world operates mainly from its headquarters situated in close proximity to the White House. People who are associated with it come across from varied backgrounds and include lawyers, policy experts, communicators and lobbyists.

Some of its affiliates and programs include The Center for International Private Enterprise, The National Chamber Foundation, TradeRoots, Business Civic Leadership Center, The National Chamber Litigation Center, The International Division, and the Institute for a Competitive Workforce and The Political Program.

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