Universal Credit Card

The Universal Credit Card is a kind of card that can be used all over the world for any purpose. It sounds a little difficult that one card can be used for all purposes but some of the companies are trying to come close to this concept of an Universal Credit Card. AT&T is one of those companies who provide the options for the customers to use the AT&T Universal Credit Card anywhere in the world where Credit card is in use.

AT&T offers two types of Universal Credit Card, they are:

  • AT&T Universal Credit Card Platinum
  • AT&T Universal Credit Card Rewards

AT&T Universal Credit Card Platinum:
This Universal Credit Card offers many facilities like:

  • 0 percent APR is offered for the first 12 months after becoming the card holder.
  • 0 percent APR is offered for twelve months after the first transfer is made.
  • If one wants to get the 0 percent APR ,one needs to make his first transfer within twelve months of account opening.
  • One might find himself paying more money than what he actually should only if he defaults the card member agreement that was made at the time of opening the Universal Credit Card Account.
  • One can get a couple of free directory assistance every month with this Universal Credit Card.
  • One can also afford around 30 free phone minutes every month.
  • The Universal Credit Card provides an insurance policy for lost or theft phones.
  • This credit card also offers a $0 liability on purchases that are unauthorized.

AT&T Universal Credit Card Rewards:
This Universal Credit Card Reward offers facilities like:

  • 0 percent APR is provided to the credit card holder for the next twelve months from the date of first transaction. There after the rate becomes LIBOR Rate+6.25 percent.
  • As in the Platinum card a default might see the card holder pay more money than usual.
  • First transaction of balance should be done within the first twelve months of account opening.
  • One can get nearly 6000 Thank You points after one makes his first purchase within three months of account opening. One can even receive gift cards worth around $50. One can also win 5 Thank You Points per dollar for purchasing AT&T eligible goods.
  • The bank also provides insurance for lost or theft phones and a $0 liability on unauthorized purchases.

There are many other facilities provided by the AT&T Universal Credit Card.

To know more about Universal Credit Card one can visit universalweather.com,creditcards.com


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