TS Imagine’s bookings are reportedly 72% higher than last year

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TS Imagine, a cloud-based end-to-end trading and portfolio management software platform for the investment management industry and capital markets, recently released its key financial highlights. According to the company, there has been a significant change in demand that marked the fiscal year 2022. The global demand for services like cross-asset trading, portfolio and risk management solutions, and alike, has seen a major surge.

As a result, the company’s recurring bookings were pushed up by 72%. Not only that, but the mentioned increase in demand for its solutions has shot up across all regions, according to the company.

As for where the demand came from — TS Imagine said that it was driven by client interest for technologies that can serve complex and challenging markets. In addition, the platform also attributed the boost to the synergy that came as a consequence of a 2021 merger of TradingScreen and Imagine Software.

In its report, the company offered a breakdown of regional demands for its solutions in 2022, pointing out that a major surge emerged in North America. The continent has pushed recurring bookings up by 200%. Following was a growing demand in Europe, which saw a 50% increase in bookings, while Asia Pacific comes in at a third place, with an increase of 20%.

Moving on, TS Imagine highlighted that demand for its EMS (Execution Management System) for fixed income quadrupled last year during the extreme volatility witnessed in the bond market. At the time, there was a surge in the adoption of electronic trading by fixed-income asset managers. The company also noted that its team expansion, which also took place last year, contributed to the growth of recurring bookings.

TS Imagine plans to deliver new solutions and improve existing ones

TS Imagine’s President and Chief Revenue Officer, Andrew Morgan, commented on the new development, stating that the company is rather pleased with it. Its client base consists of some of the industry’s largest financial institutions, and TS Imagine was able to offer them superior products. In addition, it demonstrated the ability to attract talented employees, which also encouraged institutional investors to approach the company.

The demand for the platform has skyrocketed, and the company is very satisfied with the results of its strategy and recent moves. Now, it is looking forward to continuing to leverage its perspective, as well as extensive global capabilities, so that it could develop and offer the best solutions in the trading and risk management sector.

TS Imagine did not share too many plans for 2023, but it did reveal plans to release at least two new products, which would target hedge funds, banks, and asset managers. Apart from that, it also intends to make “significant enhancements” to its current product suite.



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