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Sovereign Bank Online Banking provides a wide range of products and services to its customers through the Online route. The Sovereign Bank provides products and services for all category of customers ranging from personal account to business account to corporate ones. They even offer accounts meant for the Government and the institutional ones. But all these categories have been served with all the products and services which are more or less same in characteristic.

The facilities which have been provided to these wide array of categories include Personal Banking meant for home, Online banking services meant for paying up the bill, Checking facilities, Savings and CD accounts, Accounts meant for the credit cards, Loans of various types (such as Educational, Home Equity, Line of Credit, etc.), Services associated with the investment decisions and the services meant for managing wealth, products and services related to Insurance and many more.

Now, let us concentrate on Sovereign Bank Online Banking.

  • This online banking facility helps its account holders and the customers in managing their finances in a more controlled and efficient manner.
  • The online access to the personal account leaves the customers with a lot of time which they can use either for productive work or leisure. Sovereign Bank Online Banking has not only surfaced as a time saver but also provided its customers with enhanced control on their finances.
  • The account holders of Sovereign Bank Online Banking can also pay their bills through the bank. They are entitled to receive and pay their bills through the Online channel. This is a quick process to materialize and is also easy to perform. The most important fact attached with this paying of bill through this Online route is the guaranteed scheme attached with this. This guaranteed scheme says that if the bills are paid by the bank on a later date than the scheduled one then the bank would take all the responsibilities of this delayed payment and all the late payment charges along with the associated fees will be paid off by the bank itself. In addition, this online bill payment facility of Sovereign Bank Online Banking comes with no additional costs and is an absolutely free affair.
  • Security of personal information of the customers are given the highest priority by Sovereign Bank Online Banking. That is why they provide an anti cyber crime system which is of very high standard. The transactions through online channels many-a-times are subject to cyber thefts of information. That is why Sovereign Bank Online Banking takes multiple steps in ensuring that these information remain secret and secured.

Let us now give a bird’s eye-view to the different characteristic features of Sovereign Bank Online Banking. Thesefeatures are given in the form of bullets in the following :-

  • The Online service of the Sovereign bank is a free of cost service provided to the esteemed customers of the bank.
  • The online banking facility remains available to the account holders of the bank on a 24×7 basis. That is the Sovereign Bank Online Banking can be accessed by the customers round the clock and all through the week.
  • Online route helps the customers to access their accounts from any of the personal computers in accordance with the convenience of the customer. But the main requirement for the same is the secured Internet facility attached with the concerned PC. It is time saving and efficient form of banking.

Now, let us observe the different facilities that the account holders of the Sovereign Bank Online Banking are entitled to receive. These facilities are listed below :-

  • The account holders can get hold of all the minute details about their accounts through this online route. They can not only view the details of their accounts but also check the balances left in their account. The customers are also entitled to access the history of all the transactions in their accounts. At the same time they can review the activities that has taken place in their account. Reviewing facility helps the customers to observe any discrepancies or unauthorized transactions that has taken place in their account.
  • The account holders of Sovereign Bank Online Banking are able to transfer funds from one account to another of the Sovereign Bank.
  • The transfer of funds can be set in a wide variety of ways. The transfer of funds that take place repeatedly after a regular interval of time are known as the recurring transfers. These transfers can be set by the account holders for their payment at the right time. The account holders are also facilitated in setting transfer of funds on a date in the future.
  • Account holders can view the image of the checks which have already been canceled.
  • If requests have already been issued to the bank by the account holder for making some payments, then the customer can stop such a payment by ordering it at the very last moment.
  • The checks can also be reordered by the custmers of the Sovereign Bank Online Banking.
  • Now-a-days, the bills are not required to be paid by writing checks, putting them in the envelop, fixing stamp on them and then making the same. The Sovereign Bank Online Banking has facilitated its customers in paying off their bills right on time. Not only this, these customers are also entitled to receive bills in the electronic format which are known to be e-bills.

Now, for enrolling for the Sovereign Bank Online Banking, the process is hassle free and easy. The account holder needs to supply certain information regarding some of the aspects at the time of filling up the Online Enrollment form. The information that an account holder needs to give are Social Security Number, the address (current) of the account holder, the account number, phone number and the address of the electronic mail. Some of the personal information are also required to be submitted by the customer namely, date of birth of the account holder and his or her mother’s name.

The most important aspect of the online banking revolves around the question of the security measures for avoiding unauthorized transactions and phishing. To ensure that the bank has taken all the required measures such as 128 bit encryption system, installation of firewall, etc.

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