Printing Industries of America

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Printing Industries of America hold a vital position in the economy of U.S.A. Printing Industry generates large volume of employment in U.S and can be ranked first in terms of economic output.

But the astonishing fact is that in spite of having a prominent place in the economy, the Printing Industries of America maintain a low profile.

The U.S Printing Industry comprises of thousands of small Printing Units which employ more than 1 million people. The industry is able to produce $100 billion in every year.

But, the major concern of U.S Printing Industry which is generating negative impact is the Chemical Waste Problem and Toxic Air Emission Problem. The industry is facing a lot problems because of the Petroleum Ink Wastes and other various types of Waste chemicals that are generated in the process of printing.

This problem of Waste management is posing a question to economic viability and survival of the printing industry. To solve this problem Skilled Technical Assistance is required from the persons who can really feel the requirement. Only then the U.S Printing Industry can attain the projected annual growth rate of 3.8% to 5.3%.

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