Philippines Agriculture

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Philippines Agriculture is famous for its research on the variety of rice which takes place in the International Rice Research Institute. This institution also played a major part in Green Revolution which increased the rice production in a major way.

[br]Rice in Philippines Agriculture is a major crop as more than 75 percent people in the country prefer rice. As most of the farmers are poor and cultivate mainly corn and rice. This cultivation of rice and corn accounts for half of the cultivated land of the Philippines Agriculture and country.

The tenancy of land has somewhat hampered the problem of land and also to some extent the production as well. Most of the land that is available for cultivation is part of the estates formed by the Spanish people. Reformation of land and other rules have also faced certain difficulties as most of the leaders in the country comes form landowner background and provide very little opportunity for a proper reformation.

[br]The main areas in the Philippines Agriculture where rice and corn are mainly produced are in Manila’s Central Plain North portion, and Luzon’s lowland areas. The International Rice Research Institute was established in the year 1960 and this institution has produced varieties of seeds which provide three times more production that ordinary seeds. The use of this kind of crop seeds have made the Philippines Agriculture self dependent in producing food crops and other needful crops.

Rice and other cultivation of food crops need a lot of labor to work hard which lets a lot of people in Philippines to get themselves involved in cultivation. More than 35 percent of the total labor force are involved in cultivation.

One can also find foods like sweet potatoes, cassava , peanuts are some of the things that are also cultivated in Philippines Agriculture which are normally considered for people who are below poverty line. The Philippines Agriculture also cultivates lots of fruits which bring a good amount of foreign currency and also provides foreign trading for the country.

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