Pharmaceutical Industry

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The main aim of a particular Pharmaceutical Industry is to develop, research and distribute drugs in order to provide health care for the people in the society. The Pharmaceutical Industry like other industries is subjected to follow certain rules and regulations.

The Pharmaceutical Industry needs to follow rules about about patent, marketing as well as testing of drugs that are scheduled to come to the market as medicines.

Since the inauguration of the Pharmaceutical Industry in the 19th century , it has covered a long way and now it has become one of the most influential and successful industry in the world with both controversy and praise on its part.

Pharmaceutical Industry is very much dependent upon the developments and discoveries that are made to search new types of drugs and also to search for new kind of medicines. One can also see differences within the industry regarding the same drug or report and different companies within the Pharmaceutical Industry look to follow different paths for the same thing.

Drug Discovery and Drug Innovation are two very aspects in the Pharmaceutical Industry:

Drug Discovery: Drug Discovery is a process through which potential drugs are designed or discovered. It has been observed in the past that most of the drugs were invented by means of isolating the active component from remedies which are traditional in nature or through another kind of discovery known as serendipitous discovery.

Drug Development: This process is taken forward after the discovery is done and a thing is identified as a potential drug. The development takes place immediately after that as the component is turned into a medicine. So this is also considered as a very important process and has great importance in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

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