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Personal finance website assimilates all the relevant tools and information in the Internet, thereby helping the consumers to manage their personal finances.

The personal finance websites provide information in all fields of personal finance starting from banking and budgeting to retirement.

The personal finance websites help its consumers in the following ways:

Making financial decisions

The different investment options available help them diversify their portfolio

The Yahoo Personal Finance website offer the following services to its customers:

There are nine resource centers that deal with all the major issues in personal finance. Regular information on personal financial management is obtained from their banking and budgeting center. Again knowledge of tax planning can be extracted from their ‘tax†resource center. Career and work, college and Education, Family and Home, Insurance, Loans, Real Estate and retirement are the other prominent resource centers.

  • There are 48 “How To†guides highlighting important financial topics viz, “Plan for the Cost of Collegeâ€, and “Budgeting for a Baby†etc.
  • 66 financial calculators are available which help in estimating the amount of loan payments, the amount of money required at the time of retirement etc.
  • 13 financial stalwarts offer their precious financial advice in the financial advice column.
  • In order to facilitate personal financial investment, this personal finance website provides international market news, market data for stocks, bonds, options, research reports. The personal finance website also offers financial brokerage research reports, investment analysis and marketing tools.
  • Besides helping the consumers, the yahoo personal finance website gives space to the advertisers who want to reach to the customers who are in dire need of personal financial advice.
  • Another very prominent personal finance website is Wachovia. They provide the following information.
  • Several on line services are provided by the Wachovia Personal Finance website and they are listed as follows:
  • On line banking with bill payment. This service includes checking account and balances, viewing statements and images of paid checks on line, transferring account between eligible accounts and paying bills on line.
  • On line brokerage
  • Wachovia One Stop: This facility helps in viewing on line accounts from one screen
  • The on line retirement access helps to manage the retirement plan and make investment allocations or changes whenever required.
  • Retirement plans: The Wachovia Personal Finance Website supplies information regarding retirement plans and offers investment choices that range from stocks, bonds, mutual funds etc that are offered by Wachovia.
  • Insurance facilities: Wachovia personal finance website provides insurance information for the rainy days. They can be categorized into life insurance, home insurance, auto insurance, health and health related insurance, annuities and recreational vehicle insurance.
  • Investment Facilities: The Wachovia personal finance website educates the customers regarding how and where to invest and how to diversify the investment portfolio. It also informs about different bonds, stocks, mutual funds etc.
  • Planning guide: This is an exclusive feature of the Wachovia personal finance website. It helps to manage personal finances right from the inception of one’s career to the time of retirement.
  • Customer Service: Apart from the above discussed services the Wachovia personal finance website also informs about the wide range of customer services provided by Wachovia.

Leaving apart the above two personal finance websites that are discussed in detail, there are a host of other prominent personal finance websites like, and

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