PayPal Credit Card

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The PayPal Credit Card offers interest free credit to its customers. The benefits enjoyed by the customers of the PayPal Credit Card are listed as follows:

Online and off line usage of the PayPal Credit Card

The PayPal Credit Card can be used anytime and anywhere provided the MasterCard brand mark is present.

Balance Cancellation Cover

The PayPal Credit Card repayments can be safeguarded with the help of the Balance Cancellation Cover. This cover guarantees that the statement balance is fully covered if the respective individual is unable to work due to any sickness, accident or involuntary unemployment. The cost of the Balance Cancellation Cover is 1.50 pounds, for every 100 pounds of monthly statements.

Identity Theft Assistance

One can easily steal the identity of the PayPal Credit Card holder and make purchases with it. To prevent such incidents, the identity theft assistance team of the PayPal Credit Card is always ready to discuss any issue that is related with identity theft.

Internet Fraud Protection

The PayPal Credit Card sees to it that there is no deceitful transaction while shopping on the internet.

Online Account Manager

The online account manager handles and controls the account of the credit card holders all the time which is 24 hours and seven days.

Annual Fees

The PayPal Credit Card offers all the benefits of the credit card for free. There is no annual fee for such sertvices.

Interest rate

Interest free credit is provided by the PayPal Credit Card upto 56 days if the full balances are paid at the right time .

The payments in the account of the PayPal Credit Card holder is applied in the following sequence:

  • Insurance Premiums
  • Interest Charges or Fees
  • Balance Transfers
  • Purchases
  • Cash Transactions
  • Buy Now and pay later transactions.

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