OpenAI Announces Support of Plugins on ChatGPT to Access Internet Data

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OpenAI, one of the leading research companies, announced on Wednesday that it has rolled out its plugins to ChatGPT to help users scour the internet for answers and live data. 

This new integration is set to propel the adoption of the AI chatbot at a brisk pace, as it can now interact with third-party websites and gather information relevant to users’ queries. 

OpenAI Plugins Addition: A New Catalyst for Increased Versatility and Adoption

The internet evolves daily, and one of its latest game changers is the OpenAI stellar innovation, the ChatGPT AI chatbot. 

ChatGPT, short for Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is the internet’s most popular and most used artificial intelligence (AI) bott. With a myriad of functional utilities, the OpenAI-created chatbot has simplified internet activities since its debut on November 30, 2022.  

While the initial release of the tech-driven bot helped a series of web-based personalities such as content writers, developers, creators, professors, and many more, one of its downsides was its limited dataset range. 

However, that is now changing as its creator, OpenAI, officially announced the launch of plugins for the ChatGPT chatbot on Wednesday, March 23.

Plugins are dedicated tools built specifically for different programming language models with optimal safety as a core principle. 

OpenAI plugins feature on ChatGPT is still at its alpha phase and will be only available to a small scale of users initially and will gradually become accessible on a larger scale. 

Users interested are required to be part of the platform waitlist to be eligible to access the new feature. 

There are only 11 plugins available. However, the power of this plugin must be considered as it will enable users to seamlessly retrieve information from a wide range of online sources, interact with third-party websites, and provide significant and concise answers to web queries. 

Users will also navigate through bookings of flights, sports wagering, and food purchase for home delivery. OpenAI asserts to roll out plugins geared towards other real-life use cases gradually. 

Some e-commerce, computer, and business messaging websites and platforms have joined the bandwagon of a new era of AI internet by supporting the new plugins feature for ChatGPT. 

The amazing set of launch partners ranges from Instacart, KAYAK, Klarna, Shopify, OpenTable, Slack, Speak, Zapier, FiscalNote, Wolfram, and the world-revered Expedia group. 

ChatGPT AI chatbot has already generated massive interest in tech, finance, computer, and messaging markets. Microsoft, the largest multinational technology corporation, has already invested $10 billion in OpenAI on the new chatbot version. 

Furthermore, developers have been invited by OpenAI to create new programing language and documentation necessary to create new utility plugins for ChatGPT. 

Following its exciting growth, the AI-powered chatbot will undoubtedly enjoy massive adoption due to its value-driven capabilities. We are likely to see a revamped interest in various industrial sectors and increased integrations of simplified innovations processed by the creative utility of the ChatGPT. 

There Is Always a Catch

When an innovation reaches a certain level of momentum and usability, it is bound to take a downtrend as it can only be contained for so long – ChatGPT might not be an exception in this regard. 

The generational AI bot has recently come under severe scrutiny from the art industry in recent months as it has been used to stir into the territory of plagiarism by default. 

A wide range of concerns has circulated, geared towards the OpenAI-created chatbot having the technological capabilities to take human jobs such as the writing profession at large. 

This garnered more momentum as the software has been used to create essays in seconds and solve school assignments for youngsters. 

School owners and teachers have already shown their discernment for the AI-bot as it is feared to hamper children’s mental growth and critical thinking skills if often relied upon. 

Nevertheless, in due time, we’d see how the powerful AI bot unfolded and impacted the global residents as a whole. 

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