AI Rollout: Solana Labs Unveils Plugin to Power Blockchain Data

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Solana Labs has introduced an advanced open-source blockchain plugin to enable crypto traders and developers to engage with its ecosystem chain network via OpenAI’s Chatbot, ChatGPT.

AI & Blockchain Technology: Solana Labs New Paradigm

Solana Labs, a renowned technology company, appears to be taking the first step as it leaps into the world of artificial intelligence (AI) to expand its ecosystem further.

As detailed in Solana Labs’ official Twitter announcement on April 25th, the platform’s innovative plugins will enable users to check balances, purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs), transfer tokens, and directly through the popular ChatGPT.

As per the screenshot shared by Solana Labs, ChatGPT can retrieve a list of NFTs owned by diverse addresses on the platform, which share an embedded link to the NFT asset.

As of press time, there’s been no update on an official release date of the AI-powered plugin or how its circulation will be rolled out.

However, AI and blockchain enthusiasts believe that once Solana plugins integrate with ChatGPT, it will aid the smooth retrieval of valuable data from diverse online sources, seamless interaction with third-party websites to respond to command entries, and more.

Solana Labs’ upcoming AI-powered plugin rollouts are geared to touch the waters in the AI sphere, which will probably be the focal decision point on whether there will be a follow-up spate of AI incorporations into its ecosystem.

As expected, users have shared their mixed opinions via Twitter on the upcoming AI innovation as a step in expanding and offering users an intuitive user experience.

Some users were excited about the blockbuster project, notably “@ShubzyBaker,” citing the new development as a “game-changer” for the blockchain industry in general.

However, others were not thrilled about the fast-paced development.

Concerns were aired and geared towards the innovation lacking core usefulness as another user named “@RaphaPenque” questioned the benefits of the AI plugin.

However, Solana remains committed to working in close proximity with the artificial intelligence industry as it plans to invest a staggering $1 million into a spate of AI innovations that will propel the growth of its ecosystem.

The Rise of ChatGPT: New Added Privacy Feature

OpenAI’s ChatGPT introduction is permeating global industries, with the blockchain sector now set to be the latest through Solana.

Solana Labs AI-driven plugin is estimated to showcase the growing potential of fast-paced technology in the blockchain sphere and its functional utility to enhance user experience.

ChatGPT has also announced a new privacy feature that enables users “turn off” their chat history.

OpenAI’s development team announced the new development on April 25th and asserted the privacy feature would enable users to easily control their data.

Users can now start conversations with the AI bot and disable chat history, which usually appears at the left sidebar.

OpenAI iterated that every deleted conversation history will be retained for a compulsory 30 days to mitigate the use of abusive materials.

Once the review is complete, conversations will be permanently deleted.

The new privacy feature launch came out as a response to its recent ban from Italy.

The Italian government became the first European country to ban the operational use of ChatGPT until it complies with the European Union user privacy scheme regulations in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In other news, the AI company has also added an “export” feature to enable users to download data in files to make more sense of information generated from ChatGPT.

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