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A municipal bond calculator is a tool that helps investors in calculating the current value of the bonds they own and the interest income. With a municipal bond calculator, investors can estimate the interest rate, final maturity date, next accrual date and the year-to-date interest earned. To use the calculator, investors must start with identifying certain important parameters, such as risk tolerance, investment objectives and affordability. Then, use the municipal bond calculator to decide which bonds to buy and when.[br]


Municipal Bond Calculator – Deciding What to Buy


Most online municipal bond calculators are easy-to-operate and use. Investors just need to choose the denomination and the series of their muni bonds from the drop down boxes. Then, enter the issue date and serial number. Double check the entries and press the ‘calculate’ button to obtain all information regarding the muni bond investments. If the investors want to build an inventory of municipal bond funds, they can repeat the same process. Building an inventory helps you to update your bond values easily and quickly.


Most of these municipal bond calculators come with a help menu. If the users is not aware of the jargon or the terms used in the calculator, they can educate themselves using the help section. To know about the value of a bond at a particular time in the past or in the future, users can change the issue date to obtain the relevant results.[br]


Before investing in a muni bond, use the municipal bond calculator to decide whether the planned investment is really worth the money deposited. The calculator also helps estimate the future rates of the muni bonds that one is planning to purchase. Investors can also determine whether their municipal bonds profits are exempt from state and federal taxation. In case you are required to pay taxes, the calculator can help you determine the amount that you must pay.


The municipal bond calculator can also guide investors towards investing in fixed income securities, in general, and muni bonds in particular. Financial calculators can also help investors to compute their returns from corporate bond investments.



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