Mexico Agriculture

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Mexico Agriculture is one of the biggest in the world and this has become a very important part of the country’s economy as well. The Mexico Agriculture was not really a very prosperous one but after the Mexico Revolution a reformation in agricultural sector and this was taken into action after the release the 27th edition of the Mexican Constitution.


The Mexican Government encouraged only crops like corn and beans until the year 1990 by restricting the import of these crops from other nations by implying certain acts. After that, the Mexico Agriculture though has decreased in percentage of Gross domestic product but as a whole it has increased in a remarkable way. There are many products that are produced by the Mexico Agriculture are among the top three ranks it terms of production in the world. Some of them are:

  • Mexico is ranked one in producing things like Onions and Chayote, Avocados, Lemons and Limes and the seed of Safflower.
  • Mexico is ranked second for producing things like Papaya, Dry fruits, chillies and peppers and some other things as well.
  • Mexico is considered third in producing things like oranges, mangoes, chicken meat, whole beans ,Asparagus and some other things.

Mexico although concentrates mainly on producing corns and beans but what makes Mexico Agriculture famous is the various kinds of fruits that they produce. Mexico has one of the best weathers to produce fruits and this has made a big impact in the economy of Mexico.

There are various organizations that try help the farmers in whatever way possible and this has also made a great impact on the Mexico Economy. NAFTA is similar type of organization that tries to help the farmers and also sees the process through which the Mexico Agriculture can prosper. Keeping these aims in mind NAFTA is looking to spread the horticulture in place of corns and beans and this move has not only brought a great increase in the horticulture but has also stabilized the corn production along with the Mexico Agriculture.

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