Medicare Statistics

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Medical care in the United States is comparatively expensive than many other countries. Federal and state governments provide health care programs to its citizens. These include Medicaid and Medicare. While Medicaid is meant for the people who cannot afford proper treatment, Medicare is meant for the senior citizens of USA.

2006 Medicare Statistics
According to a 2006 survey, medical statistics indicate that about 80% of the people taking the survey were not satisfied with cost of health care in the country. 54% of them were found to be discontented with the quality of medical care rendered.

The detailed survey also exhibited the fact that more than 80% of the people were satisfied with emergency medical care, quality of medical care received, availability of a doctor’s appointment and accessibility to specialists. Almost 75% of the people were satisfied with the latest treatments available to them.

Medicare statistics in the United States for the year 2006 also indicated the rising discomfort of the people to pay their medical bills. 42% of the people, with an income less than $35,000, struggled to pay their medical bills.

Health Insurance
With regard to health insurance, cost of insurance premiums is also on the rise and that has led to increased concern amongst people. Medical care falls under the Consumer Price Index of the federal government. It includes services like dentists, hospital care, physicians and professional medical services.

Insurance Scenario
A large section of the population does not have any insurance program. However, it does not act as a deterrent in case of receiving medical care. The hospitals in USA that offer treatment under the Medicaid and Medicare programs offer medical care in any situation. The hospitals that offer treatment to patients who do not have a health insurance are compensated by federal government through the Disproportionate Share program.

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