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The jute sector occupies an important place in the Indian economy in general, and the eastern region in particular. The jute industry provides direct employment to about 0.26 million workers, and supports the livelihood of around 4.0 million farm families.

Around 0.14 million people are engaged in the tertiary sector and allied activities, supporting the jute economy. Presently it also contributes to exports to the tune of nearly Rs.1000 crore. The Government has included the Jute Sector for special attention in its National Common Minimum Programme.

Keeping in view its growing contribution to the economy, the Government of India has started the “Jute Technology Mission”. This will benefit jute growers; the workers engaged in the jute industry, jute entrepreneurs and others employed in associated activities in the jute sector. It will help modernize the jute industry and enable the country to reap the benefits of enhanced levels of jute diversification.

For this mission, the Government approved a sum of Rs.355.55 crore. The Government also approved allocations for Mini Mission -I and Mini Mission-II under the JTM for the remaining year of X Plan i.e. 2006-07 at Rs.2.46 crore and 9.75 crore subject to the condition that the Ministry of Agriculture and Department of Expenditure will find savings from the existing allocation of Ministry of Agriculture.

The allocations for Mini Mission-III and Mini Mission-IV for the remaining year of the X Plan at Rs.7.95 crore and Rs.30.85 crore respectively have been approved, which will be funded from the Plan savings of Ministry of Textiles.

Source: PIB Press Releases.

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