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Your investments today would determine your financial health in the future. There are experts in different fields who can give you sound investment advice to reduce uncertainty and maximize your chances of higher returns. Investment advice is particularly sought by those who are beginners to investing, have a large and diversified portfolio or wish to rebalance their portfolio to improve their prospects.

Who to Contact for Investment Advice?

An investment adviser must have in-depth knowledge of the financial markets. There are various specialists who one can approach for investment advice. Among these are:

  • Bankers: Novice investors can consider taking advice from local bankers. Beginners can start basic investment accounts,such as savings accounts, money market accounts and Certificates of Deposit (CDs), with the help of bankers. Bankers can givevaluable information about when to begin an investment portfolio and about when to invest in short-term bonds.
  • Financial Planners: A financial planning expert can help you establish investment goals as well as strategies to achieve them.Financial planners study an investor’s current financial state and evaluate his/her spending habits. They help investors create a financial plan, live within their means and invest their savings wisely.
  • Investment Advisers: There are specialized investment advisers who assist investors in making informed decisions regarding when and how to make investments. They advise investors on strategies to adopt to trade in currencies, stocks and bonds. Investment advisers also assist investors with effective retirement fund management.
  • Brokers: Brokers understand the investment styles of their clients and suggest investment options accordingly. They are ableto offer more detailed advice on specific stocks and bonds. Brokers are up-to-date with particular markets and can equip investors with very valuable information.
  • Fellow Investors: They can prove useful in obtaining information regarding new investment opportunities and market developments. Savvy investors would be able to equip you with valuable trading tips. However, overdependence on investment advicefrom fellow investors may not be an ideal strategy to follow.

Registered Investment Advisors

A professional advisor who is registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is known as a registeredinvestment advisor (RIA). An RIA offers advice on making and managing investments. Investment advisors who manage more than US$25 million need to be registered with the SEC. Similarly, advisors outside the US need to be registered with or certified bythe relevant national body.



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