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The Bureau of Public Debt of the US Department of Treasury makes available a government bond calculator to help investors to compute the value of their bonds. This is especially helpful to investors planning to sell bonds in a crisis. There are many bond brokers that offer government bond calculators online which you can use to calculate the prices of government bonds such as the EE, I Bonds and E series of bonds.[br]  

Government Bond Calculator – How Does It Work 

It is easy to calculate bond values or prices online with the help of a government bond calculator. All you need to do is select the type of bond and the denomination from the drop-down menus, enter the issue date and press the ‘calculate’ button. You can repeat the same process if you want to build an inventory of your bonds. If you want to get the past or future value of your bonds, just change the issue date and recalculate.


Once you identify the bonds that are available to buy, the government bond calculator will help you to find out whether the investment you are making is worthwhile or not. It will help you to get important estimates regarding the future rates of the government bonds you are about to purchase. Also the calculator can help you to calculate any federal and state taxes which you are supposed to pay and whether you can be exempted from these taxes or not.[br]


US treasury bonds or government bonds are an ideal option to invest and enhance your savings and investment portfolio. Many intuitional and individual investors invest in US Treasury bonds to diversify their portfolios. There are calculators available to compute the prices of corporate bonds as well. However, you should understand that the calculation of bond values by a government bond calculator is only to give you an idea about the value of bonds. The actual earnings can be different from these results, since the values depend upon tax and interest rates which, at best, are not very easy to predict.



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