General Auto Insurance

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General Auto Insurance aims at providing compensation for financial loss that arises from accidental damages of cars, trucks etc.

Types Of General Auto Insurance Coverages

There are basically seven types of general auto insurance coverages and each of them may be explained under the following heads:

1.Bodily Injury Liability
Such General Auto Insurance coverage is provided to those who are physically injured by the driver of the car. In this case the driver or the owner of the car is the insured person. The general auto insurance company pays for the medical bills or any financial loss that may result from the accident, on behalf of the insured person.

2.Personal Injury Protection
This type of general auto insurance covers the medical bills or loss of wages suffered by the driver or the passengers of the car of the policy holder.

3.Property Damage Liability
The policy holder’s car may meet with an accident causing damages to others car, or others’ property like lamp post, fences, buildings etc. financial losses arising from such damages are compensated with the help of such general auto insurance companies.

This type of general auto insurance provides financial security to the car of the policy holder in case it is met with some accident.

Reimbursements for this type of general auto insurance is provided in cases of theft, or damages arising from fire, earthquake, falling objects etc. such kind of insurances are provide free of any deductible.

6.Uninsured and under insured motorist coverage
If the policy holder , his driver or any of his family members are run over by another car, which may be uninsured, he receives financial compensation from the General Auto Insurance Company.

7.Towing and Labor
Towing insurance is offered to the policy holders if his car has become temporarily disabled.

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