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George W. Bush, the current president of United States, has initiated a number of plans to facilitate growth of the US economy. During first term of Bush’s administration, he has taken an initiative to bring about a tax cut program in all parts of the United States.

Tax Cut Program of George W. Bush
Under the tax cut program, Bush administration plans to cut tax worth of US $1.35 trillions. George W. Bush and his economic advisors are also in favor of distributing the unused funds to the taxpayers. This tax cut program of Bush administration is expected to fuel economic prosperity of USA.

Foreign Policy of George W. Bush
Foreign policy of George W. Bush assumes huge importance in context of presidential economic plans. Bush administration attempts to establish a well-coordinated political and economic relationship with the Latin American nations. Bush’s foreign policy puts stress on developing a stronger trade relationship with Mexico.

2006 Annual Budget
In the annual budget for the fiscal year 2006, George W. Bush had planned to cut discretionary spending for non-defense purposes like education, law enforcement, health care, protection of environment and so on. President George W. Bush’s 2006 budget reduced spending on 154 programs.

In 2006 fiscal budget, Bush administration had planned to increase budget expenditures on areas like anti-terrorism, border security, seaport security, safety of drinking water and food, airport security, and the like. Bush administration’s budget excluded costs associated with privatization of social security.

Economic Initiatives of George W. Bush
The economic policies of the Bush administration also include many other initiatives to develop a business-friendly environment within domestic territory of United States. George W. Bush’s economic policies also take into account initiatives like expanding base of the corporate tax, restricting lawsuits against corporate houses, permitting drilling of oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and many more.

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