France Agriculture

France agriculture continues to be a very important segment in the economy of France although it provides only 4% employment to the people of France.

[br]Gross domestic productivity or GDP contribution by France agriculture is only of 3%.

There has been a reduction in the labor force engaged in France agriculture by 60% since 1970.

Farms of France export France agriculture products which far outnumber any other EU country. France is the only European country to be fully self dependent with regard to food production.

Wheat, Beef, Wine, Sugar etc., impart significant value of exports in France agriculture

The France agriculture products to be imported comprise of cotton, vegetable oils, tobacco and other tropical products.

The principal France agriculture products, status in the European Nation, world position and capacity are given below in a tabulated form:

Principal France agriculture products Status in the European Country World Position Capacity(in million tonnes)
Oilseeds 1st 4.1
Cereals 1st 8th 12.5
Beef and Veel 1st 6th 1,815,000 tonnes
Sugar beet 1st 2nd 29
Wine 2nd 2nd 5.3
Milk 2nd 5th 23.3

Facts about France Agriculture:

  • 35% of France agriculture was tillable in the year 1998.
  • 29.1 million acres of farm area can be used for farming for yearly crops.
  • 563,000 acres of agricultural land is used for permanent crops.
  • 735,000 farms were present in France. Out of 735,000 farms, 454,000 farms had farmers on a full time basis.
  • 61% of the France agriculture land is used for cultivation.
  • 35% of the France agriculture land is pasture.
  • 4% constitutes the vineyards in France agriculture tillable land.

    Despite Northern part of France being most productive, vineyards of Languedoc, Bordeaux districts, Burgundy, flower gardens,Orchards of Provence, Olive groves contribute immensely to the economy of France.

    Cereals like barley, sorghum, corn,oats, wheat, France industrial crops like flax, sugar beet ,wine and root crops like potatoes are among the most important France agriculture products.

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