Fidelity Mutual Fund

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Fidelity Mutual Fund is considered to be one of the biggest mutual fund family. Funds offered by Fidelity Mutual Fund are renowned ones which are very innovative in their structure. In fact the Fidelity Mutual Fund stands out from other several mutual funds in the market, on the basis of its innovations.

In fact, Fidelity Mutual Fund was first mutual fund organization to present the Money Market Fund which carries privilege of check writing. Not only this, Fidelity Mutual Fund also presented efficiently managed Equity Mutual Funds for the first time in the mutual fund industry. Another innovation of Fidelity Mutual Fund is the income oriented mutual fund. Fidelity Mutual Fund firstly invested in a portfolio which holds mainly common stocks.

Fidelity Mutual Fund offers a diversified range of mutual funds to their customers. It is almost impossible to go by every single fund offered by Fidelity as they offer numerous funds. The main types or broad categories of funds presented by the Fidelity Mutual Fund are the following:

  • Bond funds
  • Index Funds
  • Sector Funds
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Money Market Funds
  • Domestic Stock Funds
  • International Funds
  • No Transaction Fee Funds
  • Single Fund Solutions

But among these the funds which has earned high rating of 4 star or 5 star are the following:

Stock Funds
Stock Funds from Fidelity Mutual Fund are available in four particular types which are Real estate Stock fund, Specialty Stock Fund, Domestic Equity Fund and International Stock Fund.

Asset Allocation Funds
Fidelity Mutual Fund offers mainly three types of Asset Allocation Funds which are Fidelity Asset Manager Funds, Fidelity Hybrid Funds and Fidelity Freedom Funds.

Index Funds
Stock Index Funds and Bond Index Funds are two main types of Index Funds offered by Fidelity.

Bonds Funds
Fidelity Mutual Fund not only offers High Yield Bond Fund, International Bond Fund and Taxable Bond Fund but also two types of Municipal Bond Funds which are State Municipal Bond Fund and Federal Municipal Bond Fund.

Benefits of investing in Fidelity Mutual Fund:

  • Funds offered by Fidelity Mutual Fund holds the strong promise of High Rate of Returns generated by outstanding performance.
  • Fidelity Mutual Fund helps the individual customers by giving them advice and suggestions about the different types of funds and about the market trend, so that they can decide rightly on their choice of funds.
  • Funds offered by Fidelity Mutual Fund involves no Transaction Fee.
  • Fidelity Mutual Fund has got the back up of a very efficient Market Research team which carries out constant analysis of Bond Market and Stock Market.

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