Economic Conditions

14 October 2010

Malaysia Economic Analysis: Steady Growth in Emerging Markets

As per Malaysia economic analysis emerging markets over there have shown to be steady and growth has been fast. Several plans have been implemented to update agrarian economy towards manufacturing industry. Malaysia receives different contribution from various sectors of economy....

14 October 2010

Australia Economic Analysis: Banking and Mining Forward

Australian economy has been doing consistently well in last few years. Although, global economic crisis has affected it to a certain extent, Australia is still one of world's countries with economic stability. Australian government reforms introduced at various points in...

14 October 2010

Economic Analysis

Economic analysis is a process whereby the strengths and weaknesses of an economy are analyzed. Economic analysis is important in order to understand the exact condition of an economy. 

Macroeconomics and Economic Analysis
Macroeconomic issues are important aspects of the economic...

14 October 2010

India Economic Analysis: Corruption Bottleneck?

About India economic analysisIndia economic analysis provides various inputs on economic condition of this south-east Asian country. It can be done both at a microeconomic as well as a macroeconomic level. India economic analysis could also be described as being...

14 October 2010

UK Economic Analysis: Recovering Well From Crisis

UK, one of Europe’s largest economies, has been affected by global economic crisis. Gross domestic product growth predictions for United Kingdom, made by famous organizations such as International Monetary Fund and Bank of England, indicate that UK has been feeling...

14 October 2010

Canada Economic Analysis: A Resilient Economy

Canada has one of the most resilient economies amongst the developed nations. This stems both from a better regulated and less leveraged financial market, which did not allow debt levels to get out of hand, and from the depth of...