Virtual Visa Card


The virtual Visa card is designed for users who shop online regularly but who do not want or cannot get a full credit card. Users can complete credit card transactions online using their virtual Visa card, but cannot swipe it physically. Unlike conventional credit cards, one does not require sound credit history to qualify for a virtual Visa card.

How Does a Virtual Visa Card Work?

With a virtual Visa card, the user does not receive a physical plastic card. Instead, the card details are mailed to the user via Internet. The steps involved in the working of a virtual Visa card are as follows:

  • An individual has to apply for a virtual Visa card online. One can visit websites of partnering financial institutions to obtain a virtual Visa card.

  • Once the application is processed, the applicant receives a 16-digit virtual credit number. This is similar to a credit card number that appears on the plastic card. Some financial institutions issue a cardboard card or low-quality plastic card as a virtual Visa card. However, such a card is equivalent to a dummy and cannot be swiped to make transactions.

    • The user receives a three-digit CVV verification code through another email. This code enables online merchants to verify the virtual Visa card.
    • Using these two numbers, the virtual Visa card can be used to make online purchases. It works similar to other credit ordebit cards in the online environment.
    • The user can reload the amount in virtual Visa card a through banking account or another credit card.

    Benefits of the Virtual Visa Card

    In the era of online fraud and identity theft, virtual Visa cards offer privacy and security of the highest order. A debit card can be swiped for purchases beyond the available amount in the checking account. This leads to overdraft fees. However, a virtual visa card denies any transaction beyond the loaded amount. Again, one can load the virtual Visa card with a limited amount. This prevents overspending and secures the cardholder against the loss of huge amounts of money in the event of a cyber theft. Additionally, this card is recognized by all online retailers who accept Visa payments.

    However, the virtual Visa card has its drawbacks, such as it cannot be used for cash withdrawals or payments other than online transactions. So, one should consider his or her spending needs before purchasing a virtual Visa card.

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