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Comerica Web Banking increases the limits of the banking through the use of the cutting edge technology including the internet. The banking services can now be availed from the house or any other place in accordance to the convenience of the customer. The customers are now on only a click-of-mouse away from accessing the bank accounts. The products and the associated services provided by the Comerica Web Banking include viewing of the account history of the personal accounts of the clients, viewing of the image of the canceled check, transferring of the funds among different accounts. The most advantageous aspect of the Comerica Web Banking is that it remains available to the customers round the clock and all through the year.

The basic features of the products and services offered by the Comerica Web Banking include he following aspects :-

  • All the transactions in the account of the customer can be viewed by him at any time of the day and night. These transaction details of the account are both present and of the past. The past record history of the account remains in the system for half of a year.
  • The checks which are already been paid are scanned and the image is made available to the account of the concerned person by the Comerica Web Banking. This type of check is known as canceled check. This canceled check can be viewed by the customer through the online medium and in case the customer needs the same in the form of paper document then he/she could do it in a very simple way by taking a print out of the canceled check.
  • The transaction routed through the Visa Check Card of the Commercia bank can be viewed almost immediately after the completion of the transaction.
  • Funds can be transfered among the different accounts of the bank and the ATM can be availed immediately after the transference of the fund.
  • The transaction details of the account can not only be viewed but can also be downloaded directly from the net to the special software attached to the personal computer of the account holder. This software into which this record of the banking transactions can be exported is known as Microsoft Money or Quicken Online Banking.

This online account access comes with no additional charges. This is a free service that is provided by Comerica Web Banking to its account holders. This online service used with lot of ease. The customers are facilitated by given the option of creating the identification number of the user and an associated password for accessing the account.

Online Statement availability is a secured and fast service offered by Comerica Web Banking. This service helps the customer to get rid of the stacking of paper statements. They can view all the detailed transaction statements by logging on to their personal account online. These statements are equivalent to the paper format statements and can be used as a document for the taxes, record keeping, and many more. In case of hard copy, the customer can easily take a print out of the same directly from the net. In addition to this, the customers can also avail confirmations of trade, documents on tax, investment account statements on an annual basis. All these services related to online statement access attracts no additional charges and hence are free in nature.

A customer can log in to the Comerica Web Banking in a very easy way. What he has to do is to go to the website of the official site of the bank and then select the login area. After he selection of the same the customer is required to give the User Id and the corresponding password of the client to he designated space. If the two matches then only the customer can get access of the account details. This service is free of cost and don’t attract any additional costs. All the customers having the checking account with the Comerica Web Banking can access this account via the online route.

Now, the obvious question that is bound to come in the mind of a customer is regarding the special requirements of the system for availing the online service. The personal computer through which the customer is accessing the account must be equipped with he following items :-

  1. The operating system attached in the concerned computer must be equipped with Windows 95 version or higher. The operating system can also have a base of Macintosh OS with the version number 9.1. But Comerica Web Banking recommends that the operating system must not be less than the 98 version of the Windows and in case of the Macintosh operating system the version should not be tenth or more version.
  2. In case of the Random Access Memory (RAM), the minimum requirement is thirty two mega bytes, but the bank recommends that it should be at least be the double of the minimum requirement, that is sixty four mega byte.
  3. The Internet accessibility requires a benchmark level of speed. The minimum requirement for the same is 56 KBPS for the attached modem. But the recommended level for the modem specification is 128KBPS.
  4. The most important is the browser specifications where the minimum requirement is the 5.5version of the Internet explorer or in case of the Netscap the minimum required version is 6.2. But Comerica Web Banking recommends that for the efficient and fast access of the account online, the browser should be more than the sixth version for the Internet explorer, more than 7.1 version in case of Netscape or Safari. Among all the above specifications, the browser specification should be strictly followed by the customer in order to make their online account more secure. The special encryption system to protect the personal informations of the account holder requires 128-bit encryption. Hence, the customers are highly recommended to follow the browser specifications of the Comerica Web Banking. The versions of the browser are updated on a regular basis. So, the customers are recommended to update their personal computer with the latest available browser version. For doing this, the customer needs to visit the website of the concerned browser and from there the customer would be able to access the latest informations on the browser.
  5. In case of video resolution there is no minimum standard of it to be maintained, but the bank recommends the customers to avail 800×600 resolution for the same along with the small font size.

For setting up the online account in the Comerica Web Banking one has to follow the following steps :-

The customer is needed to enter the website of the Comerica Bank and find out the link for setting up the online account.After entering the above the website, the customer is required to select the tab with the tag “Setup Your Accountâ€.When this link is clicked then a page asking for the verification of the ownership of the account.After the verification of the same, the customer needs to set up his or her Customer idenity along with a PIN.Now, let us explore the latest time limits set for certain transfer of funds by Comerica Web Banking and the specifications of the same are given below :-

  • When ever the fund transfer has been done before the time limit of 10.30 in the evening (which is equivalent to midnight for the customers residing in California, USA) of any business day , then the fund would be posted in the designated account in the same business day.
  • When ever the fund transfer has been done after the time limit of 10.30 in the evening (which is equivalent to midnight for the customers residing in California, USA) of any business day , then the fund would be posted in the designated account in the next business day.
  • When ever the fund transfer has been done on a non business day then the fund would be posted in the designated account in the coming business day. In such a case the transfer of money would be allocated to the pending list of the account in he transaction section.

The customers of Comerica Web Banking are eligible to open multiple accounts through the online channel. They can do it by simply clicking on the tab mentioning Customer Center. After entering the customer care page, the customer could add the various number of available accounts of the bank. These available accounts are savings account, checking account, MMIA/BMMA, account meant for Home Equity Flexline (or simply HELCO), IRA and account for time deposit.

Now, in case of the fees structure, Comerica Web Banking provides its customers with the facility of accessing free service of online bill payment for the first one year. After the completion of this designated period, the account does not remain free anymore. After one year, for every fifteen bill payment a fees is charged on the account holder at the rate of 6.95 dollars on a monthly basis. If in any month, the number of bill payment exceeds this mark of 15 then every additional payment of bill through the online channel attracts a minuscule amount of 50 cent.

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