Chemical Industry

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Chemical Industry refers to the industry which is involved in the business of making different products from raw materials through Chemical Reactions. Generally, the Raw Materials used in the Chemical Industry are oil, natural gas, metals, minerals, coal, salt and last but not the least air and water.

Chemical Industries are very important for the economy of any country. This is because, these Chemical Industries supply the farmers Pesticides and Fertilizers which are essential for crop growing. In this way Chemical Industries contribute to agriculture and food self sufficiency of every country.

Other than direct contribution to agriculture, Chemical Industry contributes indirectly to almost every sector of every economy. In our every day life, we use a lot of industrial products and most of them are related to Chemical Industry in some way or the other. Chemical Industry produces the fibers and dyes which are used in textile industries. It supplies the Synthetic Sweeteners and Synthetic Flavors which are used by Food Manufacturing Companies. Chemical Industry indirectly helps the Pharmaceutical Industry and Health Care Industry by providing the essential Chemical Components. Not only that Plastic requirement of Packaging Industry and Artificial Rubber requirement of the Automobile Industry are also met by the very same Chemical Industries.

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