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As per predictions of Bank of Canada, which is an apex banking organization of Canada, there are ample opportunities of Canada economic growth from third quarter of 2009 fiscal. However, in first couple of quarters of 2009 chances of Canadian economic growth are remote as national economy would be feeling aftereffects of ongoing global recession.

As per Monetary Policy Report of Bank of Canada, in final quarter of 2008 fiscal economy of Canada contracted at a rate of 2.3 percent. Chances of economic growth of Canada would not be properly placed when judged in context of projected reduction of Canadian economy in first quarter of 2009 at a rate of 4.8 percent.

Bank of Canada also does not see any possibility of economic growth in Canada in second quarter of 2009 fiscal as has been proven by its projections of a reduction of Canadian economy at a rate of 3.8 percent.

Bank of Canada has however projected a rate of 2 percent economic growth at Canada in third quarter of 2009 fiscal. It tips that in final quarter of 2009 fiscal this rate of growth for Canadian economy would reach 3.5 percent mark.

Bank of Canada has expressed optimism in fact that when usual economic conditions return to Canada there would be sufficient amount of Canada economic growth. It is expected that various financial stimuli, which are results of economic policies of government, would help restore parity. As a result of this monetary boost consumer expenditures would go up in 2010 fiscal, which would ultimately help in economic growth for Canada. All this would help in Canada economy grow at a rate of 3.8 percent in 2009.

Bank of Canada is optimistic that economic recovery would be quicker than what was case in recessions that took place in 1981-82 and 1990-92. However, these expectations are primarily brighter than what is happening around world. Much of this could be attributed to muted economic recoveries that are supposed to take place in few other economies at that point of time.

Previously Bank of Canada had predicted that in 2009 rate of Canada economic growth would be 0.6 percent and in 2010 it would be 3.4 percent during October 2008.

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