Canada Budget

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Canada Budget is the report prepared by the Finance Department of Canada which reflects the financial position of Canada. A budget is a report in which the government lists all its revenues and expenditures of a given year. It is prepared on an annual basis. The budget is prepared and is floated at the government meeting to receive the required sanction from all the representatives present in the Parliament house. Therefore, Canada budget is also a list of the earnings and expenditure of the government compiled in a report form.

The budget is a compilation of the planned consumption of money and the income earned by the government from various spheres like taxes. The budget of Canada is developed by the Office of Management and Budget and is then submitted to the Congress for their consent. The congress after the discussion session makes many alterations in the budget plan and finally gives its consent. The budget plan is then implemented by the Finance Department of Canada.

Danger Posed to the Conservation of Wildlife

The latest budget of Canada has been prepared in such a way that it is posing a threat for the wildlife in Canada. All the productive work for Canada has come to a sudden halt at this. Every single scientific activity that was conducted for the betterment of wildlife has been disrupted. The budget for wildlife has frozen, ceasing all the activities carried out for the improvement of the condition of wildlife. This is one of the most noteworthy lacuna in the budget of Canada.

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