Brazil Agriculture

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An Introduction to Brazil Agriculture

Brazil Agriculture provides as much as 14 percent of the Gross Domestic Product of the country and out of nearly 93 million work force that is available in Brazil,around 19 percent people are involved in Agriculture Sector.

[br]Brazil’s population has increased dramatically in the last fifty years or so and the growth rate is at an average two percent and to meet the demand for food products the Government of Brazil had to take some measured steps and this made the green revolution take place.

Through this green revolution the crop and cattle raising activities were expanded which allowed the people to expand and create a complex sector of agribusiness. Though this green revolution has in some way or the other harmed the environment of the country which includes the river Amazon.

With the green revolution, Brazil Agricultural products also increased at a great pace as far as the quantity is concerned. The green revolution also helped people to get various financial helps from the Government as the Government of Brazil had to provide help to the farmers to encourage the farmers and increase the production. More than 800,000 farmers were provided loans at a very low rate so that people get the incentive to work harder.

[br]With the introduction of the Land Reform Program in Brazil Agriculture the basic aim was to increase the production level and to provide a comfortable as well as suitable life style to the people dependent on agriculture. This land reformation and the green revolution also brought forward job opportunities for more than 2 million people.

Brazil Agriculture is famous for short-fiber timber cellulose manufacturing and it is also the leading manufacturer in this sector. Brazil Agriculture is also known for its packaging industry and is also ranked fifth in the world. Brazil Agriculture produces around 80 percent of the total juice in the world and in recent times it has also become one of the leading countries in producing and selling chicken and beef.

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