Bond Insurance

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The Bond Insurance ( better known as the Insurance Bond ) is circulated in the financial markets basically by the companies providing insurance coverages to their consumers. The Bond Insurance is in fact an investment instrument issued in the form of a life insurance policy which commonly requires the payment of only a single premium.

An Investment instrument added with a Life Insurance policy.

This form of life insurance is also a kind of a tax – free investment tool and is popular in the European nations, especially in U.K.

In U.K., this form of Bonds or Insurance policies named the Bond Insurance (or Insurance Bonds) has become popular due to the exemption from the payment of taxes that is connected with the income that may be earned through these Bond Insurance policies. The potential investors are provided with insurance policies in return for their investments which do not require the repeated payment of insurance premiums in addition to being exempted from taxes that are commonly imposed upon investments.

Returns of Bond Insurance policies are only attached with tax exemption provisions when the investments are made for longer time periods, usually spanning beyond the term of ten years, and have not been subjected to withdrawals of any amounts over the entire period.

Bond Insurance is issued by financial organizations that not only provide ways of savings as well as investments to the potential consumers entitling them to tax – free returns at the completion of the term but also add up as life insurance policies providing insurance coverages to the consumers against death, thereby securing the financial future of the dependents of the policy holders.

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