BMO Mutual Funds

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BMO Mutual Funds are offered by BMO Financial Group, one of the largest financial service provider if north America. BMO Mutual Funds are offered in a complete range of diversified funds. The customers get enough choices to select one which satisfies their investment objective and personal requirement.

Benefits of BMO Mutual Funds:
  • Customers can choice of from a wide range of diversified funds.
  • BMO Mutual Funds strongly signify professional money management and efficient diversified investment.
  • Customers get the option of investing a small amount as well as big amount.
  • The customers who don’t have much afford ability or who are not able to invest lump sum amount, can invest in BMO Mutual Funds by contributing small amount every month through the Continuous savings plan of BMO.
  • Even after making a choice and investing in a particular fund, the customers can change their mind and switch to different fund of BMO. This switching involves no transfer cost. BMO charges no commission for this switching of funds.
  • BMO Mutual Funds carry with them guarantee of strong customer service assistance.
Different types of Mutual Funds offered by BMO:
Income Funds

These funds are specially designed by BMO to provide regular steady income to the investors. As the investors get the promise of receiving regular income, these funds naturally involve lesser risk.

Security Funds

These funds are ideal for the customers who are in favor of conservative allocation of funds. The customers who don’t want to take minimal risk in case of their investment and want to play a safe game, these Security Funds satisfy their objective completely.

Growth Funds

Compared to Income Funds and Security Funds, Growth Funds involve higher risk. But, the customers also get rewarded for their risk taking ability. Growth Funds offer potential long term capital gain to the customers. There are strong chances that customer’s invested money grows over time by a substantial amount when invested in Growth Funds.

Aggressive Growth Funds

These Funds are designed for the brave investors who love to take risk with the objective of achieving some extra ordinary rate of return. For gaining financial profit in the long run these investors are generally ready to accept the risk of short term market fluctuations.

Other than the above discussed four categories of Funds, BMO Mutual Funds offer some specialized mutual fund solutions for the investors which are the following:

  • BMO Life Stage Plus Funds
    These funds offer a guaranteed maturity amount.
  • BMO Fund Select Portfolio Solution
    This is a diversified portfolio solution which provides over all growth of funds.
  • BMO Match Maker Strategic Portfolio Solution
    This portfolio solution offers a perfect blend of fixed income and equity investment.
  • U.S Dollar Funds
    These funds gives the opportunity of investing in the bonds, stocks and money market denominated in dollar.

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