Best Currency, Best Exchange Rates

The best currency for trading in the forex market is determined by technical analysis. Technical analysis is the process of measuring the value of a currency by monitoring historical price and volume trends. It also helps to establish the future price movements of various currencies and financial instruments.

How is the best currency identified?

The best currency can be identified by determining the best entry and exit points, for which the following charting methods may be considered:

  • Pivot Point: This is a technical indicator to predict a fluctuation in the resistance or support levels of a currency. It is calculated by taking the average of a currency’s daily high, low and closing price.
  • Candlesticks: This is a tool of technical analysis, which combines a bar-chart and a line-chart. The bars represent the price movement range over a particular time interval.
  • Parabolic Stop and Reversal (SAR): It consists of bars of different lengths that have an upward trend. The bars represent economic indicators, whereas the dots guide investors to decide the right course of action such as whether to buy or sell. Dots above the bar indicates price rise. It also offers the best exchange rate to sell the currency and vice versa.
    • Bollinger Bands: Presented with a line graph, the chart shows three lines, where the line in the middle represents ‘moving averages.’ The Bollinger bands indicate the best exchange rates to buy.

    How to Get Best Exchange Rates

    An investor finds the best exchange rates as follows:

    • Plan with care before investing in forex and by setting up potential entry and exit points.
    • Base the entry and exits strategies on support and resistance levels of the currency in forex.
    • Penetrate the market when minor corrections occur in a currency’s trend. These corrections or ‘retracements’ may be in the form of a pullback in an uptrend or vice versa.
    • Set a ‘stop-loss’ on the investment to help conservative investors set tighter stops to shield against losses.
    • Determine all possible investment outcomes and formulate counter plans to tackle them.

    By identifying patterns in currency fluctuations, it is possible to determine the best exchange rates, plan the investment strategies systematically and yield maximum profit.

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