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Australia takes insurance issues carefully, which is why finding a quality policy is actually easy.  In fact, when compared to how other countries are doing, the insurance industry in Australia is doing amazingly well.  Today, there are 32 different registered life insurance insurers in Australia.  Of these, a number offer multinational services, which means policies can be purchased by residents of the country, as well as foreign consumers.

As far as actual Australia insurance companies, it is estimated that just over 100 exist.  These insurance companies not only provide life insurance, but general insurance policies as well.  In addition, of the 100 plus insurance companies in this country, approximately 30 sell nothing but general insurance to consumers.  However, for these Australia insurance companies, the representatives are legally allowed to serve as agents, brokers, and underwriters working for other insurance companies in the country.

With so many choices for Australia insurance companies, you need to spend a little time comparing what each offers.  The following are some great recommendations of companies that warrant a closer look.

•    MLC Insurance – This is one of the top Australia insurance companies, which is backed by the National Australian Bank.  For personal insurance, this particular company is ranked as the best.  Other areas in which MLC Insurance is beneficial is with financial planning and life insurance.  With such excellent policies and service, this Australian company has been the recipient of two coveted awards.
•    QBE – This is another of the better Australia insurance companies, which is connected to QBE Insurance Group.  This is the largest, multinational insurance company in the entire country and in fact, it is a member of the “top 25 insurers worldwide.”  From this insurance company you will find a comprehensive list of options such as personal insurance, automobile insurance, renter’s insurance, business insurance, homeowner’s insurance, and even leisure travel insurance.

•    Allianz – This is one of Australia’s premium life insurance companies, which is a subsidiary of Allianz Australia Limited.  Also rated high, this company provides not just life insurance coverage but also general life.  Today, more than two million people have chosen Allianz for their insurance needs with excellent products and customer service.

•    AMP – This huge wealth management company provides superannuation products primarily for the corporate and retail sectors.  In addition to serving people in Australia, AMP also provides services in New Zealand.  From this company, you could purchase both life and non-life insurance policies, which include general policies for automobile, business, travel, home, etc.

You can always contact a representative from any of these or other Australia insurance companies to learn more about the policies offered, as well as rates and even discounts.  While some countries lack in good insurance, Australia is known for having some of the finest insurance companies in the world.  With excellent programs and highly qualified agents, you can find exactly what you need without feeling hassled to buy.  This way, you know you are protected in the area needed by a top company that will be there for you when you need to file a claim.

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