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GE Money Australia offers comprehensive range of financial products and services for the Australian consumers. Credit card products of GE Money Australia help the customers to make the most out of their available resources.

GE Money Australia offers an array of credit cards to choose from. Whatever be the type of your needs, you will surely get a GE Money credit card ideally fulfilling your requirements. GE Money has something to offer for all types of customers.

Popular Credit Cards from GE Money Australia
GE Money credit cards come with a number of reward schemes and many other basic and additional features. Some of the popular varieties of GE Money credit cards are listed below:

  • GE Money Low Rate MasterCard
  • GE Money eco MasterCard
  • GO MasterCard
  • GE Money MasterCard
  • CareCredit
  • Coles Group Source MasterCard
  • Myer Visa Card
  • GE CreditLine
  • Myer Black

Features of GE Money Credit Cards
GE Money credit cards come with different set of features. You need to know the benefits offered by different GE Money credit cards before selecting the one that perfectly suits your requirements.

Basic features of GE Money Low Rate MasterCard are as follows:

  • 0% p.a. rate of interest on balance transfers up to 6 months
  • Purchase rate of interest as small as 12.99% p.a.
  • Interest free credit on purchases up to 55 days
  • $58 Annual membership fee

GE Money eco MasterCard is designed to promote the projects that are aimed towards reduction of greenhouse gas emission. With the opening of a GE Money eco MasterCard account, a certain percentage gets transferred as your contribution towards protection of environment.

GO MasterCard is ideal for purchasing big-ticket items. The automatic enrollment to GO Rewards proves to be of great use for the cardholders. It offers extended interest free period of 62 days on purchases made through the card.

GE Money MasterCard is the right choice for the first time credit card users or customers with poor credit record. Credit limit with this card is $500.

CareCredit is a useful financing option for patients undergoing dental and vision treatments. Cardholders can also use it for financing veterinary expenses.

Coles Group Source MasterCard is ideal for financing day-to-day needs. With Myer Visa Card you can earn Myer One gift cards on purchases and these gift cards can be spent at Myer stores. GE CreditLine comes with convenient deferred payment options and interest free terms. Myer Black is a great choice for regular shoppers at Myer stores. With Myer Black you can enjoy extended interest free term of 62 days, Myer One Rewards, invitation to special events, lucrative discounts, and so on.