Amazon.Com Card (Amazon Visa Credit Card)

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Regular online shoppers can save money every month through the card. is America’s largest e-commerce company, located in Seattle, Washington. Launched in 1995, offers a wide variety of goods, such as CDs, DVDs, games, MP3s, books, garments, toys, furniture, electronics and food. also offers a variety of cards in association with Chase Bank, USA, such as Amazon Gift Card, Amazon Rewards Card and Amazon Visa Credit Card. Card: Rewards card users are eligible for the following rewards:

  • Three rewards points are awarded for every dollar spent at

  • For purchases made elsewhere, one reward point is awarded for each dollar spent.

  • One can receive an Reward Certificate worth $25 against every 2,500 points.
  • One of the major benefits of the card is that no interest charges are levied for the first six months. Moreover, when you make your first purchase, you are awarded credit of $30 in your account as an introductory bonus.

    Amazon Visa Credit Card offers two types of Amazon Visa credit cards:

    • Chase Platinum Visa Card: No annual fee is charged for this card. One can use the card at all the location that accept Visa.
    • Chase Business Visa Card: When you use this card for the first time, you become eligible for 1,500 extra reward points. After the expiry of the introductory period, an APR is applicable on new purchases with 17.24% interest charged on balance transfers. Another benefit is that you do not have to pay any annual fee. You can get more than one card at a time and manage your account online.

    How to Apply for the Card

    One needs to visit the official Chase Bank website to apply for the card. Before choosing a category, you need to understand the purpose of the card and see if it fulfills your requirements. Make sure to fill in all the required details. Card: Restrictions

    Chase Bank has certain restrictions regarding the people who can apply for the credit card. These include circumstances such as:

    • Bankruptcy
    • Overdue Accounts
    • If Chase Bank has already denied the individual’s application for the credit card in the last six months.

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