Agrarian Reform

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Agrarian Reform is very significant for the economy of any country because more than half of the population is employed in the agricultural sector. Agriculture is the main source of livelihood especially for the developing countries. Reforms are important because they protect the rights of the farmers .

Definition of Agrarian Reform

Agrarian Reform could be defined as the rectification of the whole system of agriculture. It is normally done by the government where they redistribute the agricultural land among the farmers of the country. The agrarian reform is concerned with the relation between production and distribution of land among the farmers. It also concerns the processing of the raw materials that are produced by farming the land from the respective industries.

Effects of Agrarian Reform

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Agrarian Systems
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Agrarian Reform Bill
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History Of Agrarian Reform
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Tenants and the Green Revolution


There can be different types of agrarian reform measures like credit measures, integration of land and training of the farmers. The measures also focus on securing the rights of the farmers, the rights of the peasants working on leased land and aiding them in availing loans from private sectors. The government must also offer support services to the farmers which complement the other measures. They also run campaigns to increase the camaraderie level between the farmers.

International Conference on Agrarian Reform and Rural Development

This international conference was held in Brazil from 7-10 March in 2006. The representatives of ninety two countries were present in the conference. The most significant topic of discussion in the conference was the revival of the rural communities and the reformation of various policies pertaining to agriculture. This initiative was taken primarily with the object of reducing the rate of poverty in various developing countries.

[br]Department of Agrarian Reform of Philippines

The above mentioned department in Philippines monitors the proper implementation of the agrarian reform measures formulated by the government. The department looks after the land tenure policies and keep a close watch to check whether the reforms implemented reach the targeted people. It also shoulders the responsibility of surveying the land .


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