Visa Partners With Taulia/SAP To Provide Embedded Finance

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Visa, a major digital payment company, has joined forces with Taula, an SAP company firm and a leader in providing working capital management solutions. The latest collaboration aims to make embedded finance available to global businesses.

The new partnership is set to enhance Taulia Virtual Cards by integrating Visa’s digital payments technology into it. These virtual cards will provide a seamless payment experience for suppliers and buyers.

Taulia’s and Visa’s collaboration will ease payments for businesses. Both firms will enable virtual payment credentials to operate natively across the business applications of SAP. Visa’s APIs will imbed virtual payment credentials through the strategic integration. It will also provide enablement and acceptance solutions straight into SAP business applications.

With a focus on embedded virtual card solutions, corporate buyers aim to offer a smooth payment experience to their customers. Users can stay in their business applications or enterprise resource planning (ERP) to see collective productivity gains.

The Two firms’ Combined Solution Simplifies Payments To Suppliers

The combined solution will enable chief financial officers and accounts payable teams to send payments automatically to suppliers. This is particularly vital for payments given to one-time suppliers as it eradicates the requirement of creating complete master data, which could consume a lot of time.

Suppliers will get enhanced visibility and improved cash flow, thereby lessening friction across B2B transactions. This novel collaboration and resulting solution substitute a traditional manual reconciliation procedure for buyers.

Danielle Weinblatt, the Chief Product Officer of Taulia, spoke on the latest collaboration. She revealed that the move further showcases the firm’s commitment to providing a customer-focused virtual card experience.

Visa’s vast network and cutting-edge capabilities will allow Taulia to elevate and assist its customers worldwide. These customers will be able to progress on their journey with futuristic capital efficiency technology, Weinblatt said.

Visa Enables Transactions Across 200 Countries

Visa enables transactions between merchants, government entities, financial institutions, and customers across over 200 territories and countries. It aims to connect the universe through the most convenient, innovative, secure, and reliable payment networks. This will push economics, business, and individuals to thrive.

However, Taulia enables companies to see value in their inventory, receivables, and payables. Headquartered in San Fransisco, the company has a network and platform used by over 3 million businesses. They allow customers to assist their suppliers with prompt payment, implement their working capital strategies, and help to develop sustainable supply chains.

The firm processes over $500 billion per year and has proven reliable to major companies in the world. These companies include Nissan, AstraZeneca, and Airbus.


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