Uzbekistan envoy meets Pakistan finance minister to discuss bilateral trades

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The ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan to Pakistan, Oybek Usmanov, recently held a meeting with the Pakistan finance minister, Ishaq Dar. The meeting was held at the Finance Division last week, and it focused on several issues, among them bilateral trades.

Uzbekistan envoy meets Pakistan finance minister

The Pakistan finance minister welcomed the Pakistani ambassador and addressed the fraternal relations between Uzbekistan and Pakistan. The two countries have cultural and historical linkages, which made it plausible for them to work together.

The Uzbekistan ambassador and the Pakistan finance minister discussed a variety of issues. One of the areas of discussion was ways to boost diplomatic relations between the two countries. Usmanov proposed doing this in several ways.

The Uzbekistan ambassador said that his country was keenly interested in improving its relations with Pakistan. The country wanted to do this in several areas, including business, investment, and trade. This would ensure that the two countries benefit economically from better relations.

Uzbekistan’s largest exports are precious metals and petroleum gas, with the country exporting mainly to the United Kingdom, Russia, China, Turkey, and Kyrgyzstan. By improving the trade relations with Pakistan, the Uzbekistan ambassador hopes the country will become one of its large exporters.

On the other hand, Uzbekistan would also increase its imports from Pakistan. This would promote business between the two countries. Improving the business environment for the two countries will also trigger investment growth.

The Uzbekistan ambassador also invited the Pakistan finance minister to his country on January 2023. The finance minister will be a guest to Tashkent, where he will co-chair a joint ministerial meeting, which goes a step further in improving the diplomatic relations between the two nations.

Pakistan’s finance minister wants the two countries to cooperate

The Pakistan finance minister has also said that the Pakistan government was interested in strengthening the bilateral relations between the two countries and ensuring that the mutual interests of both Uzbekistan and Pakistan were met.

The finance minister proposed to enhance relations by boosting trade, energy, education, cultural exchanges, and science and technology with the Uzbekistan government.

The federal minister has also asked the Uzbekistan ambassador to explore investment opportunities in Pakistan. Exploring these opportunities would ensure that the two countries benefit from improved trade and business activities.

Dar concluded the meeting by thanking the Uzbekistan ambassador for his visit. He also has extended support to promote the bilateral relations between the two countries in different sectors while working together to boost investment, trade, and business in the respective countries.


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