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Who Are The Ones Manipulating The Gold Price?

Gold has been touted a safe store of wealth, particularly when there are serious risks to global financial markets. However, gold suffers from wild price gyrations when the markets become too disruptive, and data suggests that gold prices are regularly manipulated for the benefit of large banks and to the detriment of any retail investor trying to protect their wealth by investing in gold.

Resurgent Russia: An Economy in Transition, Dysfunctional but Intact

Russia has no shortage of talent, technology or resources. The country’s top managers and functionaries are well accustomed to navigating their way through political and bureaucratic storms, and the sheer size of the country and natural endowments of oil and gas cement Moscow’s position in economic and diplomatic spheres. So why is their economy in such a state of dysfunction?

Russia’s Privatisation Drive: Roadblocks Ahead?

On paper, Russian President Vladimir Putin is fully committed to the privatisation of state assets. In May last year, he signed a decree calling for the sale of all state holdings in firms – outside of the defence and energy industries – by 2016. But since then, the pace of Russian privatisation has been languid at best. Part of the problem has been opposition from avowed statists, who count a close ally and adviser to Putin among their ranks.

A Major Rethink For Japan’s Age-Old Problem?

Since 2000, Japan has managed to offset its shrinking labour force with increased worker productivity – at a rate higher than most other advanced economies. But, Japan’s productivity gains are soon reaching its limits and the nation must once again find new solutions to maintain economic progress amidst the world’s fastest aging population.

Hugo Chavez’s Legacy: A Socialist Economy In Disrepair

When examining the Venezuelan economy, there is no doubt that the poor did rather better under Chavez's regime than they had done under, what Chavez termed, "the rotten elites" that had ruled the country in the two decades prior. However, Chavez’s legacy, to any economically literate person, is to have bequeathed Venezuelans an economy that could hardly be in more of a mess.

Asian Sovereign Bonds: The New ‘Safe Havens’?

As U.S. and European markets continue to sputter amid the global economic uncertainty, emerging market bonds in Asia have been quietly gaining favour as alternative safe havens – with relatively strong security, yet attractive yields. Experts however are worried whether a massive surge of money may end in a crash; though, for the moment at least, Asian sovereign bonds are showing surprising resilience.

The Mystery Of Apple’s Crashing Stock Price

Since reaching an all-time high of $705 during trading on September 21, Apple Inc’s stock price fell to  $529 on December 10 before recovering to $539 on December 12. Are Apple’s shares really sliding towards a ‘Death Cross’, as some analysts have claimed, or is there a pragmatic explanation behind the drop in stock price of the world’s most valuable company?

Is BP Playing Russian Roulette For Arctic Oil?

BP’s quest to drill for oil in Russia’s arctic region has thus far been a roller coaster ride of corporate cobwebs and political power plays. Yet despite facing incredible difficulties in pursuing Russian ventures, BP is clearly convinced that the stakes are high enough and the likely returns strong enough to make the hassle worthwhile.

The Rise of the Asian Financial Powerhouse

Asia, as a whole, has witnessed tremendous growth in the past decades and city-states such as Hong Kong and Singapore have since joined the ranks of advanced economies. Asian giants are not only home to the largest number of millionaires in the world; Asian millionaires are also becoming increasingly wealthier. With US and European economics stuck in doldrums, could it be Asia’s turn to shine now?