Thailand Wants Two Foreigners Extradited To Face Charges For Forex-3D scam

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Thailand’s Department of Special Investigation (DSI) wants to extradite two individuals accused of the Forex-3D scam. The Thai court has already issued arrest warrants on the two individuals – Singaporean national Daryl Cai Younghui and Hungarian model Eddy Polgari.

16 Suspects Are Involved

They are among the 16 suspects involved in a notorious forex Ponzi scheme, linked to Apiruk Kothi, owner of Forex-3D.

Kothi was arrested in January last year, but Younhui and Polgari both left the country before they were apprehended.

All documents regarding their extradition have been processed, but the Thai authorities still need to inform Interpol to issue a Red Notice to facilitate their provisional arrest and extradition. Interpol has assisted in several similar cases requiring the extradition of suspects to face judgment for their crimes.

Kothi launched the Forex-3D platform in March 2015 after launching the RMS Familia Company with his colleagues and friends. The company lured investors by offering a high 10% return on investments. However, one of the conditions is that investors must keep their funds with the platform for up to three months. Forex-3D operated like most other Ponzi schemes where the platform promises unusually high returns to the investors to attract them.

But once the funds have been accumulated, the owners or operators usually end the scheme suddenly, citing one issue or the other. In other cases, the accounts of the investors or users are blocked and they are prevented from making any withdrawals.

Some Celebrities Were Also Involved

The Ponzi scheme told investors that it is made up of a team of experienced professionals that utilize AI technology for the analysis and management of investments.

The strange 3 months investment policy is not the only thing off about the company. The model was exactly like a Ponzi scheme, as it incentivizes existing investors to bring in more people to the platform.

Forex-3D also got several Thai celebrities involved to draw more attraction to the platform and gain more investors.

These include Movie actress Savika Chaiyadej (‘Pinky’) and actor Pattanapon ‘DJ Man’. Pinky’s mother and elder brother were also named in the Ponzi scheme and have also been charged.


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