Swiss and Spanish Markets Report January Growth

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The latest update from the BME Exchange and Six Swiss Exchange shows that the Spanish and Swiss markets have increased trade value as of January 2024.

The major trade indicators display a year-on-year increase in trade value. This highlights the resilience of the exchanges even though they are faced with economic situations.

Over 7.1 million transactions have been recorded this month, revealing increased transaction volume. While the monthly change in transaction volume increased to 21.4%, the year-on-year change is still at 0.0%. This indicates stable transactions from last year.

The Swiss Market Index reached 11,333.4 points during the reviewed month, a 1.8% month-on-month rise. On the other hand, the IBEX 35 of the Spanish market realized a little -0.2% decrease in its value, taking it to 10,077.7 points.

The joint turnover for Six Swiss and BME Exchanges increased to CHF 143,188 million, a significant 8.0% year-to-year increase. The turnover climbed to EUR 153,569 million for the Euro market, making a higher year-on-year increase of 15.3%.

Many Factors Contribute To The Solid Performance Of BME And Six Swiss Exchanges

Many factors contribute to the exchanges’ solid performance, including favorable regulatory surroundings, creative initiatives to improve market accessibility and liquidity, and vigorous investor sentiment.

In a report made by Finance Magnates, Six Swiss Exchange has launched a new platform, ETF QOD Europe. This introduction permits trading across European markets like Nasdaq Stockholm, Deutsche Börse, and Euronext.

Providing substantial capital in the Spanish and Swiss equities increases investors’ confidence in these markets’ ability to improve rapidly. Investors can also be assured of the increased stability of these markets.

SIX Swiss Exchange Stays On Top In The ETF Industry

SIX Swiss Exchange leader Christian Reuss revealed that for more than 20 years, the SIX Swiss Exchange has been at the top in the ETF industry.

He also said that the introduction of ETF QOD Europe shows the commitment of the SIX Swiss Exchange team to offer exceptional trading experience across all markets for customers.

The ETF QOD Europe platform provided the possibility of accessing 6,000 Exchange-traded products (ETFs) and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on its platform. It aims to improve prices and liquidity and offer many more listings. More than 95% of trades are executed at the finest European Bid offer.

The new platform indicates SIX’s commitment to developing ETF trading, which will improve the general trading experience. Alibaba Cloud provides devoted Forex cloud solutions, ensuring safe operations globally for Forex traders.


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