Proprietary Trading Company Funded Engineer Kicks Off Trading Account Launch

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Proprietary Trading Company Funded Engineer recently announced that it has begun to distribute trading accounts in advance, according to the platform’s post on Twitter.

The firm disclosed that it has already released a lot of trading accounts today and intends to add an extra 2,000-2,500 accounts every day over the weekend.

Funded Engineer Wants To Have Everyone With Their Account Set And Tradable

The company stated that by next week, it wants to make sure that everyone’s accounts are ready and tradeable. The firm added that many accounts will be prepared and tradable today.

Despite the fast performance, the Funded Engineer admitted that their dashboard is not fully completed yet. However, the company gave assurance to users, stating that it is in the last stages of improving the user interface and that before Monday, it would be completed.

This development will not stop users from participating in trades and using their accounts immediately. The firm stated that this accelerated timeline was due to unexpected circumstances, citing that the initiative was initially scheduled for launch in May end. The funded Engineer was able to finalize the workload in 16 days.

The owners of Funded Engineer, Harri Sawicki, and Tristian Talbot gave out a vote of thanks to the whole trading community. All the rendered support inspired them to strive harder, allowing them to release a secure product to the user base as fast as possible.

They further stated that even though it was easy to forfeit the mission during difficult times, the support from the public and the community was so overwhelming that they had to continue to get results.

Funded Engineer Seeks To Provide Traders With Required Support

Previously, it was reported that Purple Trading, the trading partner of Funded Engineer and some other exclusive trading companies, halted its MT5 and MT4 services. The suspension occurred after FPFX Technologies ended its contracts with Funded Engineer.

This decision affected the Dubai-based platform, creating problems for them. Purple Trading’s action particularly affects US residents and citizens, emphasizing regulatory difficulties in the proprietary trading industry.

To tackle the problems, the firm considered partnering with new trading companies like Blueberry Markets and Think Markets. Additionally, after FPFX Technologies terminated software licenses, Funded Engineer opted to change its broker for all customer trades to Blueberry Markets.

The mission of Funded Engineer is to provide traders with the required support and resources for long-term success. Beyond financial benefits, the company concentrates on supporting the journeys of individual traders and nurturing relationships within a lively community.


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