Praxis Tech introduces the 3DS Cascading feature, its latest innovation in the online payments world

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Praxis Tech recently introduced its newest product, which is meant to help improve the world of online payments. The new innovation is known as the 3DS Cascading feature, and it comes with the promise of enhancing user-friendliness and efficiency without sacrificing security.

The feature comes integrated into the Payment Orchestration Platform, and the idea is to use it to streamline the authentication process and, at the same time, maintain compliance with the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements.

What does the new feature do?

The new 3DS Cascading feature is set to mark a major turn in online payments technology, allowing it to make a significant leap forward. It was created to address a particular challenge of processing errors and hurdles surrounding re-authentication. These are issues that were commonly encountered in older systems used for making online payments.

Now, however, any platform that chooses to leverage Praxis’ Smart Routing technology will be able to identify the optimal payment route for any transaction. More than that, it will significantly reduce the customers’ need to undergo repetitive verification processes if they encounter an error.

Praxis Tech’s Chief Technology Officer, Guy Karsenti, commented on this tech and how transformative this new feature could be. He said that the 3DS Cascading feature will significantly enhance merchant services and value proposition. It will help make online payments both faster and easier for people to use, and it will not compromise any of the essential aspects of security or even required verification steps.

3DS Cascading feature can significantly speed up transactions

One of the new feature’s key advantages comes from its ability to enable true, frictionless cascading. Doing so essentially minimizes repetitive SCA checks and loading screens.

The process of streamlining the authentication is conducted entirely behind the scenes, which will allow the feature to improve the general speed of transactions, regardless of whether it is on mobile platforms or desktops. As a result, it will also reduce the chance of the payment sessions being abandoned, while at the same time, it will enhance the checkout experience for all users.

Praxis Tech’s CTO also explained that the feature’s technical sophistication allows it to seamlessly integrate with Praxis’ merchant plugin and intelligent routing capabilities. As a result, the integration allows businesses to cascade transactions effortlessly and to any acquirer. While it is already empowering them by doing this, it also allows them to benefit from the platform’s decline recovery suite, as well as the upcoming risk and fraud engine.

In 2023, Praxis Tech facilitated more than $4.5 billion in transaction volume, allowing it to establish itself as one of the top payment solutions of choice in numerous industries, but particularly in trading and iGaming.


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