PayPal announces integration with Apple Pay

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Online payments giant PayPal recently announced its integration with Apple Pay, stating that users can now add their credit and debit cards to the Apple Wallet.

By doing so, users can make payments in-store, online, and even in-app. The announcement was published this Tuesday, October 3, and it says that customers who follow the prompts in PayPal’s mobile app to connect with Apple Pay can even earn rewards, rebates, as well as cashback on their spending.

In time, the two will expand the features and abilities that users will get to enjoy as a result of the integration. For example, in several months, customers will be able to choose an option to add a PayPal Business Debit Card or even their Venmo debit and credit cards to Apple Wallet.

Those who choose to do so will also be able to use Apple Pay on their iPhones, iPads, and even Macs. They will be able to make purchases, either via apps or on the web, using the Safari browser. All of this will be possible without the need to create new accounts or repeatedly type in billing and shipping information.

In its announcement, PayPal noted: “The use of mobile wallets continues to increase in popularity as consumers gravitate toward safe, quick, and contactless card payment options.” The company referenced a survey conducted by Morning Consult last year, which found that around 42% of Americans are using mobile wallets.

Speaking on security, PayPal stated: “When customers pay with Apple Pay, every purchase is secure because it is authenticated with Face ID, Touch ID, or device passcode, as well as a one-time unique dynamic security code. PayPal also keeps transactions protected and secure, whether a customer pays using a smartphone or with their physical card.”

How to add the card and what rewards can you get

Adding a PayPal or Venmo credit or debit card to Apple Wallet is also quite simple, and PayPal offered instructions in its statement. To start, users will have to go to the Apple Wallet app and select the “add debit or credit card” option. Next, they need to scan their PayPal or Venmo card or enter the details manually.

After the card is connected, users can complete an in-store purchase by double-clicking the side button, authenticating with Face ID or Touch ID, and then holding their iPhone or Apple Watch near a reader.

As for the rewards, customers will be able to earn 2% on purchases with the PayPal Cashback Credit Card, earn PayPal Rewards points when they shop using the PayPal Debit Card, get unlimited 1% cash back on all eligible purchases, and earn bonus rebates at over 50,000 locations using Mastercard Easy Savings.

Then, there is also 3% cash back on the users’ eligible top spend category, 2% on the second-highest spend category, and 1% on all other eligible purchases if they use Venmo.


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