NomuPay Raises $53.6 Million To Support The Acceptance Of Local Payments

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NomuPay is a unified payments platform whose headquarters are based in Dublin. The payments platform has now closed a $53.6 million funding round. The funds raised in this funding round will go towards unlocking the possibility of accepting local payments and also support payout disbursements for the enterprise located across Europe, Turkey, and Southeast Asia.

NomuPay closes a $53.6M raise

The $53.6M funding round for NomuPay was co-led by Finch Capital and Outpost Ventures. The latter is an investment company of Neuberger Berman. The funding also attracted the participation of some individual investors.

The NomuPay Unified Payments (uP) platform provides access to omnichannel payment acceptance. It also supports payout disbursements across a wide range of fragmented markets by using single API integration.

The NomuPay uP platform is a business that was created by VC Finch Capital, and it was among the 2021 acquisitions for Wirecard assets. The business has enjoyed a vast global presence, and it operates using local licenses that have been issued in the Asia Pacific region and Turkey.

Besides operating under the NomuPay uP umbrella, the business also operates separate businesses, such as Cardinity, whose operations are based in Lithuania. These businesses cater to the European region of the company.

The CEO of NomuPay, Peter Burridge, previously served as the former head of operations payouts at PayPal. Burridge has said that each growing enterprise understands the issue that is caused by multiples when it comes to payment processing. These multiples are applied across countries, types of payments, different channels, and a shifting regulatory environment.

“Every growing international enterprise knows the problem of ‘multiples’, when it comes to payments. There are multiple countries, multiple payment types, different payment use cases in each nation, a variety of channels, and an endless list of changing regulations. As a result, expansion slows down,” Burridge said.

The executive has also said that the situation has led to companies maintaining a variety of technical integrations and vendor relationships. Besides maintaining these relationships, the companies were also focused on reconciling global payments.

A global reach

The NomuPay platform has a vast global reach. The platform has played an integral role in supporting the operations of different companies. NomuPay gives companies access to an “all-access pass” to global payments while also allowing enterprises to continue their pursuit of global expansion. The company will also support payment strategies that will still be relevant in the coming years despite changes.

The uP platform uses a secure API to unlock a variety of payment acceptance methods. Some of the methods that are accepted by the company include cards, buy-now-pay-later schemes, payment plans with installments, and locally available alternative methods across Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, and the Philippines.

The NomuPay payments platform was founded in 2021. The company started accepting new clients during the last quarter of 2022. The new funding round is an aggregate of the capital raised by the company since it was founded. It also includes a new $15 million fund that will go towards scaling the business.


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