Vantage Markets – The Best Broker for Forex Traders?

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Forex remains one of the most widely-traded asset classes, offering unparalleled liquidity and high returns potential. Due to the demand for FX trading, many platforms now offer hundreds of pairs to trade – with Vantage Markets emerging as an industry leader in this regard.

With that in mind, this article will present our Vantage Markets review, taking a closer look at what this platform offers and why it has become so popular with traders worldwide.

What is Vantage Markets?

Vantage Markets logoSo, what is Vantage Markets? Put simply, Vantage Markets is an Australia-based CFD broker that has offices worldwide. Over 50,000 clients use Vantage Markets for their trading needs, with the platform boasting regulation from tier-one entities like the FCA, ASIC, and the VFSC.

One of Vantage Markets’ most appealing characteristics is its wide asset selection. Clients can trade forex, commodities, indices, and shares, with leverage of up to 500:1 offered on specific asset classes. We’ll explore Vantage Markets’ fees later in this article, but it’s worth noting that the platform’s fee structure will appeal to those looking to trade as cost-effectively as possible.

Vantage Markets review

Like some of the best trading platforms, Vantage Markets allows clients to trade through a web-based application, a mobile app, or MT4 and MT5. There’s also a dedicated ‘ProTrader’ platform powered by TradingView, offering an array of advanced trading tools that will appeal to those with market experience.

Vantage Markets ties all these features together by offering a quick and easy sign-up process that users can complete in minutes. No physical paperwork is required to create a Vantage Markets account, and new users can fund their accounts with as little as $50 – making it extremely straightforward to get started.

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Vantage Markets Fees

As mentioned above, Vantage Markets employs a cost-effective fee structure that ensures the platform is accessible to all. It’s worth noting that Vantage Markets currently offers three main trading accounts:

  • Standard STP

Beginner traders, or those that trade more casually, will likely gravitate towards the Standard STP account, which doesn’t charge any commissions when a trade is placed. Instead, Vantage Markets incorporates fees into the bid/ask spread, which start from just one pip.

Vantage Markets accounts

Experienced traders, or those with more trading capital, may prefer to use the RAW ECN account. Although this account will see a commission charged on each trade, clients will be able to benefit from spreads as low as zero pips. The RAW ECN account also has deep liquidity, meaning clients get lightning-fast trading execution.

Regarding non-trading costs, Vantage Markets doesn’t have any account, inactivity, or deposit fees to contend with. Credit/debit card withdrawals are also free, whilst the first bank transfer withdrawal each month doesn’t come with a fee attached. 

The Vantage Markets Trading Experience

Vantage Markets also excels in regards to the trading experience, which is ideal for both beginners and advanced investors. Clients can trade using the web-based platform or mobile app, which feature real-time price charts, speedy execution, and various order types.

Forex traders will also be glad to know that Vantage Markets has full support for MT4 and MT5. This is a relatively rare feature, as most FX brokers only offer the former. As a result, Vantage Markets is right up there with the best algorithmic trading platforms on the market.

Vantage Markets trading

Using MT4 or MT5, clients can view up to nine timeframes and customize the price chart to their heart’s content. Another great feature is that this MT4/MT5 support enables clients to use ‘Expert Advisors’ – also known as forex robots. These robots can trade on the client’s behalf, automating the entire trading process.

Those interested in this form of automated trading can even utilize the Vantage Social Trading feature. This feature enables traders to generate income by allowing others to copy their trades through the mobile app. As traders build a better reputation, their commissions grow in tandem, providing an incentive to trade effectively with Vantage Markets.

Your capital is at risk.

An Abundance of Opportunities with Vantage Markets

Vantage Markets offers an option for everyone, with hundreds of assets to trade via CFDs. These include currencies, stocks, commodities, and indices – with cryptocurrency CFDs also offered in certain jurisdictions.

More than 40 FX pairs are available through Vantage Markets, including a selection of minors and exotics. As mentioned earlier, since Vantage Markets offers a dedicated ECN account, FX traders can benefit from spreads that start from just 0.00 pips.

Vantage Markets FX trading

Clients can also trade shares listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ – two of the world’s largest stock exchanges. There are also 15 indices to trade, with up to 500:1 leverage, making it easy to create a diversified portfolio.

Is Vantage Markets Safe?

FCA logoFinally, Vantage Markets also has a stellar reputation in terms of safety. As highlighted earlier, the platform is regulated by some of the world’s leading institutions, providing a solid level of investor protection in countries throughout the globe.

In addition, Vantage Markets holds clients’ money in segregated accounts with leading Australia-based banks. This means the money is held separately from Vantage Markets’ own funds, ensuring there’s never a conflict of interest.

Vantage Markets has even won various industry awards, including the prestigious ‘Best Forex Mobile Trading Platform/App’ by The Global Forex Awards 2022 – adding considerable trust and credibility to the platform. 

Final Thoughts

Rounding everything up, it’s clear that Vantage Markets offers various valuable services, leading it to become the go-to for tens of thousands of FX traders worldwide. Vantage Markets’ low trading fees, user-friendly platforms, and strict regulation combine to offer an unrivalled experience that makes it ideal for beginners and experienced traders alike.

Those looking to get started immediately can create a Vantage Markets account in minutes. No physical paperwork is required during the sign-up process, and traders can fund their accounts for free with as little as $50.

Vantage Markets logo

Your capital is at risk.

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